Is it 2018 Again?

The Red Sox looked like a version of their 2018 selves again in last night’s game. They managed a come from behind victory in which after 4 they trailed 6-1. They chipped away at the lead, blowing two 1rst and 3rd no out situations and then Moreland blasted a three run homer that gave them the lead for good in the top of the 9th. Barnes then came on and closed for the missing Kimbrell and the Sox held on to win 7-6. They managed such come from behind wins quite often last season so it was good to see them do it again. It makes us think it going to be another great season.


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Opening Day

Well, the Red Sox played their first game of the season last night. It was a poor showing, especially for the pitching staff, as Sale, who looked as if he wasn’t ready for the season to start, had his worst opening day out of 5 by giving up 7 runs in 3 innings. The game was pretty much over from then on. It started out well as the Sox took the lead with a run in each of the first two innings. In the bottom of the 2nd, however, Sale fell apart and struggled, at the least for the next two innings, before leaving the game. Sale had been 4-0 with and era under 2 in his previous opening day starts. The bullpen did not do too well, either, giving up 5 runs in their 5 innings of work. Continue reading

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Prospects for 2019 Season

Well, here we are poised to begin another season of major league baseball and the Red Sox. Can they really repeat what they did last season or are we destined to see a team that falters and has a mediocre year, which is the norm for most teams coming off a world series win. I admit that last year I just quit writing about the team. They won so often that I couldn’t think of much to say, not to mention some personal things going on in my life that kept me from writing as well. I hope this season to be more regular with my posting and to get back to game to game analysis, which is what this blog started out to be.

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New Season Coming Soon.

Well, the Red Sox set all kinds of historic records last season, as all fans surely know. They are now getting set to start 2019, but the prospects perhaps are not as good. As we all know, it is almost impossible to repeat two world series championships in a row, but it has been done. Do the Sox stand a chance of doing it again? Perhaps they do.

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Indians @ Red Sox Game 4 (8-23-18)

The Red Sox continue to chug along with the best record in baseball by far. They just recorded their 90th win with 33 games left to go in the season. They are now 90-39 and no other team in baseball have yet won 80 games. They are 9 and a half games ahead of the second place Yankees in the division and seem to be set to win it unless something unforeseen happens in the last five weeks. Betts continues to lead baseball in batting average and at last count Martinez was tied for the lead in home runs. The later also leads in RBI’s and is only 9 or so points behind Betts in batting average. He could conceivably win the triple crown this year. All is going well for Red Sox nation at this point. Continue reading

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