Five In A Row!

The Red Sox seem to be really getting it together lately and playing baseball on the level that they did all last season. They have now won their fourth series in a row and their fifth game and have climbed out of the hole with a record of 22-19 at present. They are only three and a half games out of first place and three games behind the Rays in third place for the division. They have a ways to go yet, but things are looking good and they may well be on top of the division before too much longer (perhaps in a week or two). Things are definitely looking up and after the poor start they got off to, when it looked as if nobody was ready to start the season, they are playing quite well now.


The starting pitching is really the story of their recent success. Everybody in the rotation is pitching well and we can only hope it will continue from here on out. They all, every one of them, began the season as if they were still in the off season, but are doing well the last two weeks or so. When we get our fifth starter back, even if it is Johnson, we should be in even better shape.

The offense has been doing well lately. Almost everybody, up and down the lineup, has been hitting the ball and it looks like Bradley and Pierce are starting to show some signs of hitting even. Devers has been tearing the cover off the ball and Betts, who is not doing as well as last season, still does much to contribute to the offense. Martinez is down in the home run department, but he hit two yesterday and may get back to last season form yet. Moreland has been great getting some clutch hits to drive in winning runs several times already this year. Bogaerts also is showing signs of coming out of the slump he has been in and Vasquez, a real surprise has been hitting well also at the bottom of the lineup. All in all, the offense looks good and should do well moving forward.

So, let’s forget about all those early season worries and just enjoy the show as it is going to be fun to watch this season after all. Actually, if they continue to win as they have been (9 out of the last 11), the sky is the limit and we may repeat as champs. It sure didn’t look that way just a couple of weeks ago, but things can change quickly and the Sox are right back in the thick of things again. So, let’s us as fans just sit back and enjoy what should be a lot of fun to watch from here on out.

I’m not sure what to expect against the Rockies on Tuesday and Wednesday, since we don’t play them much but Houston this weekend should be a good test of where the team is at. If we can come out on top in that series than we can probably play with anybody going forward. At any rate it will be interesting to see how things come out the rest of the way. We’ll be watching and pulling for our team. Anyway, Go Sox!


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