Let’s Keep It Going, Boys

The Red Sox have been playing good baseball the past three games. They have managed to win their third in a row and sweep a series for the second time this season to boost their record to a whopping 14-17. Despite the poor record, if they can continue to play the way they have lately they should be out of the hole soon and even vying for the division lead not too long after. It is good to see them play as we all knew they were capable and if they can just capture some of last years magic by winning some close ones too, all will be well in Red Sox Nation after all. The last three games were not close as they won 9-4, 5-1 and 7-3. The games were never in doubt, except game one in which they came back from a 4 run deficit, but even then they were ahead after a 6 run 3rd.

Mookie has picked up his game and the rest of the team has followed as everyone else, except perhaps Martinez and Bogaerts, who were both doing well enough already, is hitting better. Devers has been hitting really well though he still has no homers and Vazquez is hitting the homers for him as he already has 5. Moreland leads the team by quite a lot with 9 homers and has been adding to the run total quite a bit. Even Bradley jr. is showing some signs of turning his bat around and Benintendi is doing just fine as well. The rookie Chavis has been a pleasant surprise as he has hit 3 homers in just a handful of games so far.

So, Just as the offense has begun to turn it around, so has the pitching. Porcello pitched one of his best games ever in game one of the series and E-Rod pitched well though only for 4.2 innings so he didn’t get the win. He is often plagued by a high pitch count, but does pretty well otherwise, as he has the last few games. All is looking well for the starting rotation, if we could just get our fifth starter back. Even without one, things look pretty good going forward.

The bullpen has been doing great with the exception of maybe Thornburg who gave up 3 runs in two shaky innings of work, mopping up games 2 and 3. He seems to be still having trouble getting back to his pre-injury form. Maybe in time he will and then we will have one of the top pens in the league as usual. I have confidence in them that they will be able to continue to pitch well going forward.

So, things are looking pretty good for the Sox as we move into the month of May. If they can keep the momentum going for a while and win some games they may yet turn the season around. I am pretty confident that they will, but we will have to see how things go. As for now, let’s just continue to play up to our potential and good things are bound to happen, provided we can beat the injury bug. Anyway, Go Sox!

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