Finally, A Good Win

The Red Sox finally won one last night and had what could be called a good game, which has been rare this season. The Rays led early with two runs in the first three innings, but the Sox battled back and took a 3-2 lead after 5. They added one in the top of the sixth only to give up two to tie the game in the bottom of the inning. Then finally in the eighth, they went ahead for good on back to back homers by Betts and Moreland. The pen was able to hold on for the win with Barnes taking the eighth and Brasier picking up his fourth save on the young season

It was a good win that gives us fans a glimmer of hope that if the team can continue to play like that we may come back and have a chance after all. At any rate it was fun to watch, seeing the team actually earn a win and not lose the lead or fall way behind or even just happen to be ahead at the end of the game for a rare win. This has been the norm for the season so far, so perhaps they can turn it around after all.

Betts showed signs of last years hitting with two hits late in the game, one of them a homer. Perhaps he is ready to start hitting again. It will be great to see and perhaps it will get the whole offense going when he does. Moreland continues to come up with big hits and leads the team in homers with six. It is good to see him do well.

Vazquez seems poised to hit the ball for a while as he had two hits in this one, including a two run homer in the fifth. It would be good to see some life in the bottom half of the order. That could really help the team get going as well.

Pitching was really the story in this one. E-Rod pitched well giving up four in five plus innings, but he would have done better had it not been for and error by, of course, Devers that resulted in two more runs being scored in the sixth. He ended up with only three earned runs, which is almost a quality start. If he had gone the whole sixth, it would have been. The bullpen also did well, with Workman, Barnes and Brasier keeping the Rays scoreless for the seventh, eighth and ninth respectfully. We did, in this one, get the pitching we need every day to get on the winning trail.

So, we got a look on what the team could be this year, if we continue to play consistently better instead of consistently worse as we have been so far this year. Let’s hope this game will get us rolling and 2019 will turn out to be a good year after all. We certainly have the talent to do it as they proved last year. The team is a little beat up right now, with several players on the injured list, but hopefully we can still move forward. Let’s just build on what we did last night, guys. We can certainly still salvage this year with some continued good baseball. Let’s get ‘er going. Anyway, Go Sox!

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