Struggling Onward

The Red Sox have been struggling mightily lately. After losing two, 3 game series in a row with Seattle and Arizona, they have managed to win one of two from Toronto. It was good to see them win a game for a change last night. They fell behind, as usual, at one point 5-0, but they managed to come back and win the game 7-6 with two 9th inning runs. Mitch Moreland was the hero again driving in two runs in the game that saw it tied each time 5-5 and 6-6. Finally, Devers got a base hit with the bases loaded to end the game in their favor. It was a rare win and we can only hope for a lot more where that came from.

If they continue to struggle as they have it is going to be a long season. They need to rattle off 7 or 8 in a row just to get their head above water, but if they do it gradually it will be okay, too. I just want to see them start winning more often. It has been such a poor start, one of the worst by any team coming off a world series win.

It seems unlikely that they will repeat their appearance in the big series, but it is a long season and they can still bounce back. So far the way they have been playing is a far cry from how they played last year and the team is almost intact. We are just not seeing the production from anybody, except Moreland, that we saw then. They had better get their act together and start playing well again or we can almost assume that last year was a fluke. It seemed that they could do nothing wrong last year, while this season it seems they can do nothing right. Go figure.

The pitching fiasco is really the big story so far. No one has pitched up to their last season success except perhaps a bullpen pitcher or two. The starting rotation has been terrible. They will have to improve if they are going to do anything at all this year. We can only wait and see.

They have been behind in every single game except maybe one so far and they cannot win if they can’t get the lead and hold it. They have taken the lead a few times just to see it evaporate and they fall behind in the very next inning or so. The pitching has let them down every time. Even in last night’s game the bullpen gave up a home run in the 8th after tying the game in the 7th. The bullpen tried to let the team down again. Luckily they were able to pull it out in the 9th. It was a rare loss for the Toronto closer, Giles, who hadn’t blown a save in his last 34 attempts.

So, we just need to keep our head down and keep plowing forward. As the team begins to win more, I will post more and hopefully it will be pretty regular going forward. Let’s not give up hope yet, but keep moving forward. Someone said that if we continue to lose at the present rate our record will be 30-132 at the end of the season. It couldn’t possibly end that bad, but let’s hope it gets a whole lot better than that! Anyway, Go Sox!

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