Can’t Cash In

Well, the Red Sox dropped the final two games in the series against Seattle in poor fashion. In both games they were given the chance to come back and win but did not take what was given to them. In the first game the Seattle third baseman made three errors in a row that resulted in three runs but they could not get the needed hit to drive in the run to tie or two runs to take the lead. In the second game the “closer” for the Mariners threw 12 balls out of 14 pitches and walked three to load the bases with one out. He was taken out and the next pitcher walked another to get the Sox within one. The next two batters could not get anybody in, when a single by either one would have given the Sox the lead, and the game ended without them taking advantage of gifts given to them by the opponent again. The Mariners tried to give them back two games back to back but both times they could not get the hit they needed.


This stands in stark contrast to the Red Sox of 2018. When given the chance to win last year they took it almost every time. The team has the same starting pitchers and lineup, but they seem unable to get the job done so far. To think that they could not cash in twice in a row when the game was all but given to them may not bode well for the rest of the season.

It is early yet and there is obviously nothing wrong with the offense as in the series they scored 27 runs. Unfortunately, they gave up 32 and lost three out of four. Obviously, it is the pitching that needs to get it’s act together if we are to win going forward.

It is early yet, so it’s definitely not time to panic. Still, if the opponent is all but giving us games we should take at least some of them. We will see how things shape up going forward. It just seems that the pitching staff was not ready to start the season. Let’s hope it doesn’t take them long to get ready or we could begin deep in the hole trying to play catch up.

 It is, as I said too early to tell how things will go and since we have pretty much the same starting rotation as last season we should be fine. It will be unprecedented if every one of them can’t get it together after having such a great season last year. I can only hope that they don’t have some sort of attitude problem, such as thinking they are good and don’t have to work as hard. If they are thinking that, they had better snap out of it and get to work. It’s a whole new ball game this year, as always. We just need to get back to work and we can possibly repeat last year’s result. Anyway, Go Sox!

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