Is it 2018 Again?

The Red Sox looked like a version of their 2018 selves again in last night’s game. They managed a come from behind victory in which after 4 they trailed 6-1. They chipped away at the lead, blowing two 1rst and 3rd no out situations and then Moreland blasted a three run homer that gave them the lead for good in the top of the 9th. Barnes then came on and closed for the missing Kimbrell and the Sox held on to win 7-6. They managed such come from behind wins quite often last season so it was good to see them do it again. It makes us think it going to be another great season.


The starting pitchers, Namely Eovaldi, did poorly again. He gave up the 6 runs in 5 innings of work, which is an improvement over Sales previous performance, but only slightly. The starting rotation appears to need some work, but we can only hope E-Rod does a better job tomorrow night.

The bullpen was stellar as four pitchers (Brewer, Workman, Johnson and Barnes) managed four scoreless innings to keep the Sox in the game. Barnes took up the closer role and got three quick outs for his first save since 2016. He may well work out in the closer role, but we were in better shape with him setting up Kimbrell. Still, we might be alright after all without last year’s ace closer.

So, the Sox pulled out a win after things did not look so good until late in the game. I still think that if they can break even or even better on this eleven game road trip, they will be fine moving forward. As I said yesterday, the schedule they are facing starting the season is about as tough as it can get for any team. We’ll see how they do, but looking like last year’s team as they did last night, I think they will do fine. They got off to a great start last year, so even if they only do so-so at first this year, I think all will be well in the long run. Today’s win gives us fans great hope going forward. Let’s just hope the team can live up to expectations. Anyway, Go Sox!

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