Opening Day

Well, the Red Sox played their first game of the season last night. It was a poor showing, especially for the pitching staff, as Sale, who looked as if he wasn’t ready for the season to start, had his worst opening day out of 5 by giving up 7 runs in 3 innings. The game was pretty much over from then on. It started out well as the Sox took the lead with a run in each of the first two innings. In the bottom of the 2nd, however, Sale fell apart and struggled, at the least for the next two innings, before leaving the game. Sale had been 4-0 with and era under 2 in his previous opening day starts. The bullpen did not do too well, either, giving up 5 runs in their 5 innings of work.

The offense did show some signs of life. Mookie had three hits all singles and Martinez also had two hits as did Nunez. The rest of the offense didn’t do a whole lot, however and may not have been too ready to start the season either. Last year the Sox were winning right out of the gate and never looked back. This year may be a different story if game one is any indication.

The Sox did continue to set records, at least according to ESPN’s play by play announcer. He stated that twelve runs was the most ever given up by Defending World Series Champions on opening day of the next season. Whether or not this was true, the Sox need to get their act together. Losing 12-4 is no way to start any season, much less one in which they hope to repeat as champions.

The pitching staff is a worry, especially the bullpen this year, but lets hope they can do better tonight. They, as it sits, will not be as good, but we need them to be at least adequate as we move in to 2019. Sale, too, had one of his worst outings ever and that happens sometimes. It’s just a shame that it had to happen on opening day. The team does start way out on the west coast, which is perhaps the worst possible scenario to start the season. Let’s hope they can come out of it at least treading water. If the pitchers can get it together we will surely do well. That’s the big “if” that looms over the start this year. We will have to see what happens going forward. Anyway, Go Sox!

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