Prospects for 2019 Season

Well, here we are poised to begin another season of major league baseball and the Red Sox. Can they really repeat what they did last season or are we destined to see a team that falters and has a mediocre year, which is the norm for most teams coming off a world series win. I admit that last year I just quit writing about the team. They won so often that I couldn’t think of much to say, not to mention some personal things going on in my life that kept me from writing as well. I hope this season to be more regular with my posting and to get back to game to game analysis, which is what this blog started out to be.

But, what are the team’s prospects anyway? Well, on paper they look every bit as good as last season with perhaps a couple of exceptions. The bull pen is not as strong, perhaps without Kimbrell and others, but as a couple of the arms are untested, the others that are returning, if they do even close to as well as last season, should anchor the rest to a pretty good performance, at least as it sits today.

The starting rotation may not be quite as strong, although most are returning, there is one arm that will be missing–Drew Pomeranz. As I mentioned already in the previous post, this may not make that much difference as he hasn’t had the best of seasons the past two years. Actually, they may be stronger without him, if Rodriquez and Eovaldi can hold up their end. Drew lost several games last season that might have been won had he (or someone else) pitched a better game.

As for the line-up, almost everyone is back and seem ready to repeat last season. I guess the batting order will be about the same, except that Benintendi will probably be leading off instead of Betts. I think Andrew will do a good job and perhaps Cora seeks to take advantage of some of Mookie’s power by batting him second or third. Also, Pedroia will be in the line-up at least to start things off. We can look forward to a good season from him if Spring Training is any indication.

So, the Red Sox seem ready to make a good run at repeating the success of last season this year. If the team can stay healthy, which is something they did remarkably well last year, all should go well. We will look forward to watching them play once they get the next two games out of the way to end Spring Training. Unfortunately, they are starting on the west coast, so I am bound to miss some of the games due to late starts. We will see how it goes. Anyway, let’s keep pulling for the team to repeat their success, at least to some degree. We are anticipating a good, if not great 2019. Anyway, Go Sox!



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