All Star Break (7-17-18)

Well, it is the unofficial halfway point of the season and the Red Sox are riding high. They now have a 4 and a half game lead on the Yankees for the division which is their biggest lead of the season. They have won all but 3 of their last 20 games and are probably playing their best ball right now. Let’s hope it can continue once they resume the rest of the season on Friday.

Mookie leads baseball in batting average and several other offensive categories. Martinez leads baseball in home runs and rbi’s as well as several other offensive categories. The offense is doing well as several of the other players who have struggled some are now beginning to hit the ball as well. Things couldn’t be any better offensively unless perhaps Vazquez and Devers come off the DL and hit up to their potential. Let’s hope all things will be at their best come October. If so the Sox may be unstoppable.

From a pitching standpoint things aren’t looking so great. E-Rod has now gone on the disabled list which means the Sox will have to find two starters to fill in as now three potential starters are on the DL. Let’s hope Pomeranz and Wright can get back into the rotation soon. When they do we  should be in pretty good shape. That is if Drew can finally get the ball moving the way he did last season and give us some good starts. Unfortunately E-Rod may be out for some time but may be back before the end of the season. If he is able to come back, let’s hope he has enough time to get back to form before the playoffs. We will need him in October and he has been pitching so well lately it was really a loss when he injured himself in a play at first base the other day.

So, if we can cobble the pitching together well enough to keep us in games, all is looking good going forward. We need to just roll on into October and be playing our best ball when the playoffs begin. This indeed may be the year the Sox go all the way for the 4th time this millennial. It would be great to see and I really think we have the talent to do so. If we play up to our potential going forward all should be well. Let’s just keep things going. Who can stop us! Anyway, Go Sox!

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