Red Sox @ Orioles (6-13-18)

The Sox have been playing pretty good ball lately. They swept the Orioles as they should but lost 2 of 3 to the White Sox which they should not. Before the White Sox they did manage to win 2 of 3 against Detroit, which was good and resulted in a 3-3 short home stand. Now on the road they have swept the Orioles but will have their hands full against Seattle the next four games. If they can do well against them then it will look like all systems are go, but I was almost ready to say the offense had fallen into a deep slump, though the slump may have only lasted 2 or 3 games. They may be coming out of it already, which will be necessary to beat the Mariners.

It is good to see Mookie Betts back in the game. He hit his first home run since returning last night in the Sox’s 5-1 win. It was only his 3rd game back so I think he is hitting the ground running and will be able to pick up where he left off. He is going to give Martinez a run for the most homers on the team this year, I think. We really need his offense and he is an excellent out fielder as well. It will be great to have him back in the lineup going forward.

Pitching has been great for the Sox all the way down the rotation and in the pen as well. The Sox won with great pitching in last 3: 2-0 in 12 innings, 6-4 and 5-1. The pitching was good and the offense was adequate. If we can continue to win like this going forward we will be in great shape. We are 19-8 over the last 27 which is great. All is well going forward as long as the offense or pitching does not go into a prolonged slump or a key player gets injured.

The pitching rotation is solid right now. Pomeranz is on the DL right now which might actually be a good thing as Wright is doing a better job than he was so far and even if he got back to last years form and started doing well, Wright can do just about as well so we aren’t losing anything with him being injured. Sale lost 3 in a row leading into last nights start but no fault of his own in his previous start as the Sox lost 1-0 to the White Sox. That game was the worst offense performance of the year excepting the no-hitter that was pitched against them a few weeks back. The rest of the rotation is pitching well also and we are looking good with Price, Porcello and E-Rod if they continue to pitch as well as they are able and have been doing lately.

The offense suffered without Betts, but is looking pretty good again with him back. I would like to see Bradley hit at least as well as last season as he has really been struggling so far this year. The rest of the guys who started slowly seem to be hitting their stride now and even Devers is beginning to hit again. I think his offense suffered as he worked hard to improve his defense the past 6 weeks or so. He is but a rookie and I’m sure he can get both aspects of the game going together if not this year then next. He is going to be a good player and has really improved at 3rd base lately, Now if he can just get his bat rolling again he can contribute much going forward.

So, things are looking pretty good as we move within a month of the all-star break. The Sox are a game ahead of the Yankees in the division, though they have lost 2 more games. They have played 6 more games than the Yankees as the later had quite a few rain outs in the early going. The Sox have won 4 more games than they and thus the virtual 1 game lead in the standings. If we can continue to win at or close to what we have been lately, things are looking good for winning the AL East this year. Time will tell. Anyway, Go Sox!

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