Athletics @ Red Sox (5-16-18)

The Red Sox continue to tread water, which cannot continue if they intend to contend for the AL East division title. They have played exactly .500 baseball since their 17-2 start and have now fallen behind the Yankees by half a game for the division lead. If they are going to win the division they need to start winning more games or the Yankees will surely leave them behind. Now is the time to play some good baseball, but the sox have been mediocre at best in the last 6 games.

They took two of three from the Bluejays, which is fine, but then they turned around and lost two of three to the Athletics, a team they should be able to beat but have had trouble with losing both series to them this season. It has not been all bad, but they need to wake up and begin to play a little more like they did the first 19 games at least occasionally.

There have been some sparks of offense, but mostly nothing at least not consistently. If they could learn to be more consistent they will win a lot more games. Martinez has been all we could have asked for with 12 homers already and 36 RBI’s. Betts has hit 13 homers, but has been sitting on that for a while and has cooled off some, though he continues to hit pretty well. Benintendi has begun to hit the ball as well and if he and Betts can both shine together we will have a great one-two punch at the top of the lineup. Bogaerts has done pretty well too so far this season and Moreland has been hitting great too.The offense is almost there if they could just learn to pull together and get the big hits when needed more consistently they would be fine. I think they will get things rolling again soon.

The pitching has only been fair of late. Sale has done pretty well, but others like Pomeranz, E-Rod and even Price have yet to be consistent. Porcello has hit a speed bump the last two starts as well and has given up runs after his great start. We need the starters to be more consistent to get the wins we need going forward. They seem to do pretty well most of the time, but then give up 4 or 5 runs in an inning or two that ruin their whole outing. If we can get more from these five it will go a long way toward getting us above the .500 ball we have been playing for a while.

The bullpen has blown it a few times as well. We don’t really know what we are going to get from Hembry lately and others are prone to giving up runs as well. So far we have done pretty well at holding the lead most of the time, but not always. Even Kimbrell has given up 3 home runs and blown 3 saves already. He doesn’t look quite the same as last season, but perhaps he will get back to his premier dominance again soon. He is still dominant most of the time in the 9th inning, but hasn’t looked as good as in the past. The pen does an adequate job most of the time, but there is still room for improvement from them going forward.

So, we need to keep plugging away and get back on the winning trail again soon. This team has great potential, as we have seen. Let’s see if they can live up to their potential and win more games than they lose going forward. They, as I said, have not done that for a while. Cora, I think has made some mistakes managing the pen and the starters too I think. At least he is letting the position players play without so many days off that he gave them in the early going. I hope he will learn to depend on his ace pitchers as well and not be so quick to take them out when they are still needed, He will learn and hopefully get better as the season progresses, but I think his managing has cost us a game or two as well. Let’s turn the ship back around guys and win more! Anyway, Go Sox!

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