Royals @ Red Sox (4-30-18)

For the past ten games the Sox have just held their own. They started out so well but lately haven’t been doing as well from either a pitching or a hitting standpoint. They are still leading the AL East by 3 games over New York, but it is again a race, with New York having won 9 straight before finally losing last night. So, the Sox are still in a good position going forward and are playing some teams in the next few series they should beat, so all is well. We take on the Yankees on the coming road trip as well, so we should see a good series then and hopefully the Sox can get things going again and play well. All in all, things are looking good and hopes are high for a great season going forward.

The Sox should do well in their present series against the Royals as they proved last night. They fell behind 3-0 in the 1st inning last night with E-Rod putting on what was his worst performance on the mound in two years in the cold and rain at Fenway park. Perhaps the weather was getting to him, but I hope we can expect better from him going forward. We are going to have to get more from him if he is to last as Valazquez, who continues to pitch well and did again last night out of the pen, is ready and eager to take his place with better results probably than we have seen from E-Rod so far this season.

It was a bit discouraging to see both the offense and the pitching struggle the last 10 games or so, but we can only hope it is just a bump in the road and things will get back on track soon. They are playing the Royals right now and then Texas. Both teams are not having the best of seasons so if they can beat up on them, hopefully they will feel good and play well against the Yankees who are next on the schedule. It will be enlightening to see how well they do against New York, who has been so hot. It may give us a glimpse into how well the rest of the season will go.

It has been a bit of an adjustment for Sox fans to watch how Alex Cora manages the ball club. In game, he has done pretty well, I think, but I do not fully understand why he gives so many days off to players and on more than one occasion has had his two hottest hitters out of the lineup in the same game. This does not give the team the best chance of winning that particular game and has seemed to contribute to more than one loss already. Let’s hope as we get into the meat of the season that he will see the need to rest players less often and surely he shouldn’t take the two hottest hitters out of the lineup at the same time. The competition is going to get more fierce and the players are going to be in better shape as they play more so let’s put our best foot forward whenever possible. I can understand giving players a day off every now and then, but Cora seems to take this to a whole new level and do so more often than is necessary. And then he doesn’t pinch hit them until the last minute, when it is perhaps too late.

As I said, however, things are looking good for Sox fans so far in 2018. Let’s hope we can get over the current speed bump and get back to playing winning baseball. We won’t hold on to the lead in the division for long playing .500 ball. Let’s get things rolling again. It was so great to watch them play the first 20 games or so, but we hope that is over yet! Anyway, Go Sox!

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