Red Sox @ Angels (4-19-18)

The Sox have now won 7 in a row. This coming off a 9 game winning streak with only 1 loss in between. They are now 16-2, which with each win they continue to set the mark for the best start in franchise history. This has been true since they hit the 12-2 mark against the Orioles. The Angels series was supposed to be the biggest test thus far for the Sox as they came in with the second best record in baseball at 13-3, just half a game behind the Sox. Instead the Red Sox dominated winning all three by scores of 10-1, 9-0 and finally last night 8-2.

Pitching continues to go well and the offense is on fire of late. E-Rod pitched a good game last night giving up only 3 hits and the 2 runs in six innings. The pen then did their job and shut them down to close it out. It is truly amazing (and fun) to see them do outstanding both offensively and on the mound. Both aspects of the game have been great all season so far. It will be interesting to see how long this streak can continue.

Betts was great in the series as he hit 4 home runs in the final two games and is currently averaging about .400. Devers hit the teams 4th grand slam in Wednesday night’s game and this from a team that didn’t hit a single 4 runner all season last year. The offense has really been remarkable and this with both Pedroia and Bogaerts injured. Bogaerts is expected to return next week so the offense will be even more potent.

Speaking of returning, Drew Pameranz is scheduled to pitch for the first time tonight against Oakland, which means the rotation will be back to full strength. Not that the pitching hasn’t been great without him and E-Rod; it has been. Valazquez and Johnson have done better than was expected, probably and I think will both continue to come out of the bullpen as they have a lot lately. Things are really looking up from a pitching standpoint and it has been so good already. Can it continue?

Can you believe the Sox are 16-2. At this rate they will lose less than 20 games all year! Well, we can’t expect that much, but if most of the team stays healthy, it should be a great year. The team has proven so far this season that they are capable of great baseball. Let’s hope they can do as well come the end of the season when the playoffs come around. This indeed may be the year they do it again and go all the way!

The Sox have played almost error free, excepting Devers at 3rd, as they have only 5 errors so far with Devers accounting for 4 of them. So, they have been playing well in every aspect of the game and are, as I said really proving just how good they are. I’m sure that Cora feels great about the team he has been given and from all appearances seems to being doing well as manager so far. Not to mention their record under him, but he has really done nothing so far that would raise eyebrows. He seems to be managing a great team quite well.

All I can say is: keep rolling Red Sox. We are off to a great start, so let’s continue on and make it one of the best seasons ever. If the team plays even close to as well in the playoffs as they are right now we should win the World Series with no problem. We will see what happens as the season continues to unfold. The way things have gone so far, we should be one of the top contenders come October. Anyway, Go Sox!

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