Orioles @ Red Sox (4-13-18)

The Sox have played well in the last 4 games. They beat the Yankees 2 out of 3 this week, the first of which was a 14-1 romp and the last of which saw Porcello pitch 6 innings of shutout, almost hitless ball. Finally they beat the Orioles at Fenway Park to boost their record to 11-2. E-Rod pitched a good game, going 6 and allowing only 1 run. That was plenty for him to get the win as the Red Sox offense continued to show up as they have been lately, boasting the 3rd highest run total in the AL so far this season. Nunez got the big hit this time around with a 3 run blast in the first inning. The Orioles scored first, but only once with the Sox putting up 4 in the bottom of the 1st. The final was 7-3.

The Sox are looking good and have so far passed the test of playing better teams, at least against the Yankees. If they can beat the Orioles 3 of 4 or even sweep the series, things will be looking good. Pitching has been the best asset so far as the Sox continue to have the best ERA in the league, especially the starters. Let’s hope things can continue.

The offense has been adequate so far also. They started out just winning 1 runs games, but have increased their run production until they have one of the highest totals in the AL. Mookie is still hitting 350 or so and many of the others are in the 250 or so range. More importantly, they have been getting the runs in when the opportunity arises at a good pace. Things are looking good.

We are missing two of our best hitters right now. Bogaerts is out for another week or so and Ramirez, who has been knocking the cover off the ball this year, is day-to-day, having been hit by a pitch in the wrist during Thursday’s game. When we get them back things should look great for the offensive, but if we can continue to win without them, that is great too. Pedroia will be back sometime next month also if all goes well.

It is a real pleasure to watch the Sox right now. Let’s hope things will continue to go well as they are off to one of the best starts in franchise history. When they were 9-1, it was reported that this was the best start to a season in franchise history!. This may be one of the best years ever, but things are bound to slow down sometime along the way. For now let’s just enjoy the ride and hope that they don’t go into a major slide, but can build the start into a great season. We are all hopeful that will be the case and if everyone can stay healthy it may well be. We seem to have a great team this year.

So, guys, just keep plugging along and all should be well. We are enjoying immensely the show so far. I’m sure it’s going to be a great year to be a Red Sox fan. Let’s make 2018 one of the best years ever. Anyway, Go Sox!

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