So Far So Good

The sox have looked pretty good in their first 6 games of the season. After the opening day debacle they have done really well on the mound and have won 5 straight. The offense hasn’t been all that great, but they have been doing just well enough to win. Out of the 5 games 3 of them were won by only one run and the offensive output was only good on one occasion. All in all, things are going well, however, and if the pitching continues the way it has begun, we should be in great shape going forward. In the 5 games they won by scores of 1-0, 3-2, 2-1, 7-3 and 4-2. The last game was a 13 inning game that the Sox tried to win twice, but were robbed of runs by great defensive plays at the hands of their opponent. Good start, though. We can continue to go up from here!

Pitching has really been the stong suit so far. The starters have only give up 4 runs in 6 games and that with two additional pitchers that would not be in the rotation were it not for injury. Pomeranz and E-Rod should be back soon and we can expect them to do well consistently, I think, while the two additional starters that did well against two not so great offenses may not do so well in the coming months. It will good to be back to full strength and it is possible that E-Rod will be back for his next start on Sunday. If not, he is sure to be back by his subsequent start. Things are looking good for starting pitching.

The bullpen may not be quite as ready, though they have done just fine since opening day. I am not sure how well Kelley and Smith are going to fare for the full season, though Barnes will probably do well most of the time. He did give up the lead in the eleventh inning last night and made it necessary to go on to the 13th. He walked two and then gave up a double to ties the score after getting the first two batters fairly quickly. We can expect that kind of performance from him from time to time, but overall I think he can get the job done. The jury is still out on the rest of the pen, but we will see how well they do.

The offense shows some signs of improving after a slow start. Bogaerts has been hot so far, but showed signs of cooling of as he went 0 for last night. Still, the rest of the team is starting to heat up. Mookie is hitting like Mookie; Benintendi had a couple of hits last night; Jackie and Vazquez are starting to hit some and Ramirez is doing well, having driven in the winning runs last night. I look for Martinez to do better than he has so far, though he has had a RBI or two, he will probably get even better. He has not lived up to the hype surrounding him yet. All in all, the offense is showing signs of coming to life so if the pitching holds up, we should be fine. It will be interesting to see how things go when they take on New York next week.

Still, one cannot help but be optimistic as the team has managed to win so far. They haven’t dominated Tampa and Miami as they both opponents have proven to be scrappy teams that fight to the end. They have managed to scratch out enough offense to win and things can only get better from here. A little bit of a slow start getting out of the gate (not in wins), but we should be in good shape going forward. If the first week is any indication, it is going to be a good season this year. Let’s keep the ball rolling guys. We could go all the way! Anyway, Go Sox!

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