Moving Right Along.

Spring training is moving right along, but one can’t help but feel it is about time to begin the season. Two more weeks to go. The Sox used what may be a good starting lineup for the first time this Spring yesterday. The regulars looked pretty good, out distancing   the Blue Jays 7-5. Almost everybody had a hit or two and things should start building now toward opening day with the regulars playing more and more to get ready. Still, it seems like Spring training seems to drag on too long although it is the pitchers who probably need the extra time to hone their stuff for the regular season. I think the offense is ready to go.

Speaking of pitching, Price had his first start of the Spring yesterday and did well. He gave up only one hit in 4 innings and struck out 5. Both he and Sale seem ready to get things started. but the rest of the rotation may be a bit iffy. Porcello has done all right this Spring, but as we know, he is up and down. Sometimes he can shut the other team down, but at other times he seems very hit able and gives up the runs. We can only hope he has a better, more consistent season this year.

Pomeranz is injured at the moment, but he may be ready to go come opening day, though he probably won’t be at his best. Then we have the open slot for number 5 and we don’t know who that will be, but I have not been too impressed by what I’ve seen of the contenders for that spot this Spring. Let’s hope we get E-Rod or Wright back soon, since they are sorely needed to round out the starters.

The bullpen looks pretty good. We have several strong arms that should get us through the late innings pretty well. Smith is going to be a good addition and there is one other pitcher we haven’t really seen yet that is supposed to be good (Thornburg). Kelley continues to mow em down with his blazing fastball and or course there’s Kimbrell to close out the game. We don’t really have a decent lefty in the pen, but maybe that need can be met somehow, if indeed Cora even sees the need for one.

Speaking of Alex Cora, it should be interesting to see how he manages the team in his Rookie season as a manager. Let’s hope he can do the job as well or better than Farrell did. So, we are somewhat limping into opening day with too many on the DL, but are playing our first 10 games or so against teams that are not so great, so we might get off to a fast start. At any rate, we are all looking forward to what 2018 might bring and are really ready to start about now. Let’s give the pitchers some more time, I guess, but soon it will be time to begin. It can’t start too soon for me. Anyway, Go Sox!

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