New Season, New Beginning

Well, the Sox are 5-1 this grapefruit season, but it is still too early to tell how the real team is going to do. Most of the credit for the wins goes to the minor leaguers, some of whom have done quite well so far. The major leaguers are really just trying to get warmed up and haven’t done much thus far. It will be interesting to see who makes the team in the final two or three spots that are open as several of the potential players are doing pretty well in Spring Training.

Swihart has been impressive as he has hit the cover off the ball and looks to make the team come late March. It is unclear where he will play if he makes the team as our two catchers from last season will likely make the team and that doesn’t leave him a spot at his preferred position. It is said that he can play some infield and maybe even the outfield if need be. We will see what develops.

Castillo has been hitting pretty well too, but it is doubtful he will make the team. There is just not much room for another outfielder, although if he continues to hit well Cora may make room for him. It would be nice if he could begin to live up to the expectations the team had for him when they signed him for the multi-million dollar contract. We need to get our money’s worth and I would like to see him do well. Perhaps he can fill a position on another team if it doesn’t work out for the Sox.

Several other bit players have done pretty well and though the Sox won 3 of their five wins by only one run each, the other two wins were impressive at 13-2 and 7-1. It will be interesting to see the big leaguers improve as we near opening day. Let’s hope they do improve as so far they aren’t doing much. What should have been the most impressive line-up so far considering many of the regulars were in it to start, resulted in only 1 run and their only loss so far, 6-1. The regulars aren’t showing much yet, but we will see how things develop over the next month.

So, let’s all get geared up for 2018. It would be difficult to stop us fans from doing so. On paper the team looks really good, but we have to see how well they perform once the season opens. With the addition of J. D. Martinez it could be that they may return to the 2016 form when Big Papi anchored the team. Everybody played better with him on the team and since it appears that Martinez can hit as well or even slightly better than Papi we may see him as an adequate replacement for him. He may not have the leadership skills, but everybody may hit better with his bat in the lineup.

With out pitching potential we should have a good year this year. That is, all looks good on paper going forward, now everybody has to perform up to expectations. It should be an interesting year, Us Sox fans will be on the edge of our seat the whole way, I expect. Let’s make 2018 better than the last two even though we did pretty well then. Let’s do even better than win the division, let’s go for it all. Things look pretty good from here, but you never know until you get into it. Anyway, Go Sox!

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