Blue Jays @ Red Sox Game 3 (9-6-17)

The Red Sox offense finally awoke from a long slumber in this one. They came out of the series winning two out of three which is good enough and what they should do against the Blue Jays, but we will have to see where they go from here. I had been afraid that they were beginning a long slide perhaps even out of the playoffs here in the month of September. Unfortunately, it had seemed that they were either tired or burned out from the long season prior to this one. Still, the pitching held up–Fister pitched brilliantly– and the offense was good enough to notch a win. They are now 4 games ahead in the division, which is a bit better than 2.5 so all is not lost. We still have a ways to go, but we may pull off the division win yet. It was good to see Bradley jr. finally hit another homer. He has been overdue for a long time as is Betts and some others. The final was 6-1.


Well, we are moving on to the end of the season as we plow ahead into the month of September. Things are looking pretty good from here. We may get Price back before the playoffs, but if we do he should probably go into the pen, as Fister has been doing a great job in place of him for a while now. I think Fister may do a better job than Price in the playoffs at any rate as Price has never done well in them. Still, a well rested, although recovering from injury, Price may finally have enough left in the tank to do well in the playoffs for once. It is an interesting call, but I don’t think we should do without Fister in the playoffs as he is a veteran of them and has done well in them before. Hopefully he would do well for us where Price may not.

We take on Tampa Bay next for three at Fenway. Let’s hope we can win at least 2 of 3 in this series and maintain our place in front of the division. One good thing is that in the month of September we are playing a lot of teams that have .500 or less winning percentage, so we should win most of our games. This puts us in a position to not only make the playoffs, but hopefully be well rested as we enter them. The 40 man roster gives us the opportunity to rest starters as does the large number of “lesser” opponents, if you will.  Of course any team in the majors could play well enough to beat us at full strength on any given day, but in general we should be able to win even with weaker lineups. Also, the call ups from the minors may play the game of their lives when given the chance in the major leagues, so we may benefit overall anyway.

So, hopefully we can cruise into the playoffs and the division win with a team that is ready to do something this year. Last year the team was tired or burned out by the end of the regular season and did nothing in the playoffs. This year, if managed right, the team should be ready to play some of their best baseball at the right time. It’s up to Farrell and the rest of the coaching staff to get the team ready. I think we are going to make the playoffs even if we don’t win the division. Let’s just hope that we don’t have to play a wild card playoff before we can move into the playoffs for real. If we can hold on and win the division, I don’t think home field will matter that much. They should not burn themselves out playing for home field advantage the rest of the way. Instead, they should pace themselves to be sure they are ready to win in the playoffs no matter where they play the games.

So, if we just keep plugging away and win most of our games, we should win the division and move into the playoffs. I don’t expect any massive surge from the Yankees in the last month, but I guess it could happen. We could fall into a slump even worse than we have been experiencing the past two weeks also, but I don’t expect that either. I think and I hope that we are just now coming out of a slump and should be able to play well enough to win the division from here on out. Let’s hope it goes that way, but I am pretty confident that the team will succeed. I guess we will have to wait and see what ultimately happens. We shall see what we shall see! Anyway, Go Sox!

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