Red Sox @ Rangers Game 3 (7-5-17)

The Sox winning streak has come to an end. They managed a 6 gamer for the second time this season and now enjoy a 4 game lead over the Yankees in the AL East. During the streak they got outstanding performances from Betts, who had 8 RBI’s in one game, Benintendi, who had a 2 homer game and Pedroia, who had a 4 RBI game. They seemed to be taking turns carrying the offense at one point and the result was the streak, the last 5 of which were won on the road. Last night’s game was a disaster, however, as Fister gave up 6 runs in 4.1 innings and then Scott continued his slump out of the bullpen and gave up 2 more. The final was 8-2.

The Sox are in good shape as they pull into Tampa to take on the Rays. Sale is on the mound, so we stand a good chance of winning if we have any offensive production at all. It would be great to see us take 3 of 4 from them and the way  we have been playing it could well happen. It won’t be easy as Tampa Bay is tough and only 5.5 games back. I am sure they would like nothing more than to gain some ground in the division as we reach the all star break. We just need to keep that from happening.

We can’t let the recent success be just a moment in the sun. We need to continue to build on our 4 game lead and win the division like everyone expected us to in Spring training. The Yankees are going to snap out of the losing ways they have been experiencing lately and we need to be ready to play some good baseball when they get back to winning again. We just need to stay as sharp as we have been lately and all should go well.

Right after the break we play the Yankees for 4 at Fenway and the true leader of the pack should emerge at that time. It should give us a great chance to pull even further ahead of them and if we play well it may happen. Things are coming up all roses right now and we can only hope it will continue. Just about everybody, including the new comers and Marerro are hitting the ball well right now. Will it continue? We shall see.

We seem poised to go roaring into a great second half of the season. If the pitching can hold up, we should be in great shape. We saw the need for E-Rod’s return last night. Let’s hope he can make it back to the mound soon and pitch like he did before the injury. Once we get him back, we should have one of the best rotations in baseball. It’s good to see an ex pitcher become manager finally have a great pitching staff. It has taken years to build this team. Now what we need are continued results.

Let’s just keep grinding away, as there is a long way to go yet. The next few weeks will tell the tale for 2017. We may be playing our best baseball right now. Let’s stick to it and keep things rolling. The sky seems to be the limit right now. Let’s show everybody we can win it all, even without Papi! Anyway, Go Sox!

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