Twins @ Red Sox Game 4 (6-29-17)

The Sox played a good game last night after losing game 3 to the Twins on Wednesday night. The win puts them back in first place by a game and means they took 3 of 4 from the Twins in the series. Betts hit a homer as did Ramirez, which are both good signs. If these two can really get going, we may have something going forward. Price pitched 7 and gave up only the 3 runs, so it was a good game for him. We came back from a 3-0 deficit to win this one, so it was good to see them come from behind to win one for a change. Bradley also had a good game, as did Marrero, the later getting two RBI’s and finally hitting a double. He had been struggling at the plate so long it was good to see him finally get a hit. It was a good game and a fine win. The final was 6-3!

The team is looking pretty good going forward, although Pedroia is hurting with his bad knee and sat last night’s game out. You know it takes a lot to keep him out of the lineup, so he must be hurting pretty bad. Let’s hope he can get back on the field soon, as they need his leadership on the field. It would be sad indeed if he were out for an extended period of time.

Ramirez has been out the past few games with knee problems as he was hit by a pitch a few games ago and so had to sit some. It was good to see him come back with the center field long ball and a single. If he can get things going as we all expect him to do sometime, we should be looking good going forward. We really need him to be a deep threat in the lineup as he helps alleviate the loss of Papi’s power if he is on his game. He always makes a big show when he hits one out as if he is the greatest hitter that ever lived. He is not that, but if he can get his home run total to 30 or 35 by season’s end he will be doing what is expected of him. We really need him to get going as the rest of the offense is far from potent without him hitting well.

Maybe Betts can turn it around and finally get going as well. He is about 50 points below his batting average from last season. He has 13 home runs, so he will probably hit around 30 again, but we need him to be more consistent at the top of the lineup. If he can get it going, look out. We will be tough to beat. If not, well, we win some and we lose just as many. That’s the way it could go the rest of the way.

We tried to get to 10 over .500 in winning percentage Wednesday night but failed for what I think is the 7th time. We have that chance again tonight so let’s hope we reach that milestone at last. Fister is on the mound, so if he can give us another quality start and the offense does anything at all, we may get there tonight. We are all still waiting for the offense to be more consistent. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait forever. The pitching has been good enough so that we should have won a lot more games. It’s the offense that is holding us back. They are a long way from where they were last season when they had more that 100 more runs scored than anybody in baseball. This year they are right in the middle in runs scored, which means they are mediocre at best. If they can get back to last years level, minus Papi even, we should be in for a good rest of the season. That’s a big if! We shall see.

Meanwhile, our W-L record is not that bad. We need to keep plugging away and go on a run or two before the season ends and we should be in good shape for the playoffs. The division is ours for the taking, although everybody is really still in it. I think we can take it though. We shall see. Anyway, Go Sox!

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