Twins @ Red Sox Game 2 (6-27-17)

After losing their second straight series against the Royals and then the Angels, the Sox have bounced back and won the last two games against the Twins. Last nights game saw plenty of offense as the Twins bullpen struggled after two rain delays that delayed the game by about 2 hours. So, it was a late one last night as I stayed up to see the end. Vazquez had a good night as he went 1 for 2, the hit being a 2 run homer in the 2nd that gave the Sox a 2-0 lead before the second rain delay. Young also homered in this one, a 3 run blast in the 6th that rounded out the Sox scoring. It was good to see them finally produce on the offensive side and we really want to see more of the same. The final was 9-2.

Pomeranz pitched well for 5 innings which was the best he could manage considering the rain delays. He gave up 1 unearned run on 4 hits and struck out 7. He has been doing great on the mound his last few games and it is good to see him doing it. It will be good to have him in the rotation if he continues to get them out like he has been.

The pitching looks to be in good shape with the addition of Doug Fister in the rotation. He pitched a good game his first time out on Sunday, giving up 3 runs in 6 innings. All the runs were given up in one bad inning. He was lights out the rest of the way. He got the loss as the Sox didn’t give him any run support, but if we can get quality starts going forward from out number 5 guy, we should be in good shape. He is a veteran pitcher and an upgrade from anybody coming out of the minors. He should be a good addition to the rotation going forward.

The Sox are in first in the division for the second time this season. They are now a full game ahead of the Yankees who lost again last night. Let’s see if we can stay on top this time. We need to win at least one of the two remaining games with the Twins to finish June strong and solidify our position atop the AL East. We may not run away from the rest of the field, but we can win the division, if things continue as they are. We may yet run away with it, too. We will see what we will see.

The Sox go again tonight for that elusive 10 over .500 mark. They have been 9 games over 3 or 4 times, but have always lost the next game. Let’s hope tonight they can change that. If they hit the ball like they did last night, we should be all set. Still, can we really expect the offense to take off now as poorly as they have performed at times this season? I don’t know, but it would be great to see. Many of them are under performing compared to how they did last season, most notably, Mookie Betts. I don’t know if he will ever get things going consistently this season, but we shall see.

So, let’s just keep grinding away and good things are bound to happen. The Yankees are going to snap out of their recent losing ways eventually, so we will have to be ready. We are going to have to play some good ball if we are going to win the division again this season, as everybody in the division is close enough to the top to still win it all. Toronto, at the bottom, is only 6.5 games back and Tampa Bay in 3rd is only 3 games back. It is a tight division. Let’s hope the Sox can continue their decent baseball of late and come out on top. There is a long way to go, so we shall see.

The All Star break is getting pretty close and then it is a dash to the finish. It will be interesting to see how things shape up going forward. Let’s hope the Sox can play even better baseball than they have so far from here on out. Let’s just keep plugging away. Anyway, Go Sox!

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