Phillies @ Red Sox Game 1 (6-12-17)

Coming off a winning series in which the Sox won 2 of 3 against the Detroit Tigers the Sox had a good win against the Phillies last night. The game went into extra innings thanks to a solo home run by Ramirez in the 8th that tied the score. Pedroia came through with two on and one out with an opposite field base hit that gave them the walk off win. It was an exciting game, if a long one, that saw the Sox come back from a 4-0 deficit to tie it in the 4th. Porcello then gave up a 5th run to the opposition in the 5th and that score held until the 8th when Ramirez finally tied it. One could not help but think that the Sox would never come back as they went through almost 4 scoreless innings in the middle to late innings, though the bullpen did an excellent job keeping the Phillies total score the same for 5 innings. Porcello did poorly again, giving up the 5 runs on 10 hits in only 6 innings of work. In the end the Sox came out on top with a 6-5 victory.

The Sox are now 3-1 on the home stand and no matter what happens tonight they will have had a successful stand. They are now 7 games over .500 again, which has been their peak so far this season, but the Yankees keep winning as well and are still 4 games ahead of the Sox in 1st place. The Yankees have won 6 straight and unless they cool off it doesn’t look like we will be catching them any time soon. Maybe by the end of June we will be closer or ahead. They have to cool of some though and we need to keep winning ourselves.

It sounds nice to say that the Sox have won 14 of the last 21, but we must remember that this includes a 6 game winning streak and that since that streak the Sox have only gone 8-7. So, they are not exactly dominating of late, but we can still build from here. What we need to do is go on another winning streak of 5 or 6 games. I think we will do so, if we can just stay where we are until then, we will be in great shape. The Yankees are bound to cool off sometime and then we can make our move.

The Boston bullpen is one of the best in baseball and they continue to give us chances to win ball games. It has been a long time since it was the fault of the bullpen that we lost a game and mostly they keep the score close or keep us in front and make it possible for us to win games. Without them we would be no where near where we are. They say it is only going to get better when Smith comes back, but I wonder. Why mess with what works? We are doing well as we are and a new pitcher, which means we will be replacing one of the ones that has been doing just fine lately, may upset the apple cart and make things worse instead of better. We will see what happens. Smith is supposed to back soon.

So, let’s just keep playing baseball and avoid the fate of the Orioles, who have now fallen to .500 only one game ahead of the last place Blue Jays. If we can keep winning most of the time and I  think we can, it will turn out to be a good season at last. If we can just avoid falling into a losing streak at this point, all should be well. With the good pitching we get much of the time, especially from the bullpen, we should be in good shape as the season continues. Let’s just keep playing hard, guys, and good things will happen. Let’s just keep moving forward! Anyway, Go Sox!

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