Red Sox @ Yankees Game 3 (7-8-17)

On Tuesday night the Sox managed to etch out a win by shutting down the powerful Yankee offense in the 9th inning for a final of 5-4. Then they proceeded on the next two nights to get slaughtered by that same Yankee offense. There isn’t much you can say about those two games except that the offense seemed to forget to show up and when the Yankees came to the plate the pitching was made to look third rate at best. Wednesday night the final was 8-0 and then last night the Sox scored one run that was really a gift on an error and a past ball. So,they didn’t earn a single run in two games. They are going to have to do better than that if they want to make progress against the Yanks, who are now 3 games ahead of them for the division lead. Let’s just hope they are not falling into a slump from which there will be no return. Actually, even in Tuesday’s win they only had 5 hits and didn’t do any better than that the game before that against the Orioles. Let’s get it together boys and give us some hits tonight against Detroit. We can’t win games without them. Last night’s final was 9-1.

It will be interesting to see how the lineup looks with Pedroia back tonight and Benintendi presumably hitting better, although he did not the past two games. Will he get put in the cleanup spot or lower down in the lineup? Actually, I like Bradley hitting in the 6 spot, but that would put Benintendi perhaps in the 7 spot. We will have to see how Farrell arranges it tonight and going forward. The offense is bound to be better with Pedroia back in it and maybe he can spark some life into it after it has been all but dead the past 3 or 4 games. One can only hope.

Actually, the Sox are still 5 games over .500 and not looking too bad at the moment, but I am ready for them to start winning some more and build from here. The Orioles are only a half game behind them and breathing down their necks. They need to put some distance between them and themselves and work on catching the Yankees. They had the perfect opportunity to catch the Yanks by sweeping them in the Bronx, but it was not to be. Instead they lost 2 of 3 and lost those games big. Let’s hope they can bounce back the next 7 games as they play the Tigers and the Phillies. It is another good opportunity to gain some headway as their opponents won’t get any easier and 5 of the games will be in Fenway park. Let’s see if they come out of the next week looking good or looking like real losers.

Johnson is on the mound again tonight since E-Rod is on the disabled list. He pitched very well in his last outing and we are hoping he can do it again. The good news is that E-Rod seems to be recovering from his injury better than expected and may be back soon. Let’s hope he can still pitch as well as he did before going on the DL. We need him to do well as it seems we are going to need quality pitching to win most games. We will see what we will see!

So, let’s hope we see them bounce back and do better tonight with Petey in the lineup. They can only improve on what they have done the last two games and we can only hope it will be good enough to win. Detroit comes in one game under .500, so it could go either way with them. If we play well we should come out on top in the series. If not, we could just as easily lose. We will have to see what happens. I think the team will bounce back and play better ball tonight. Something has to be done about those Yankees! They are just looking too good. Maybe the Sox can knock them down a peg or two when they come to Fenway in July for 4 games. Anyway, Go Sox!


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