Red Sox @ Orioles Game 4 (6-4-17)

The Sox managed a split with the Orioles in the 4 game series, which is  the most we could have hoped for after they lost the first two. The last couple of games they played pretty well and the pitching was outstanding, which made all the difference. They are now back where they were a week ago, six games over .500 and 2 games out of first in the division. They have been playing fairly well lately, but seem to have fallen into a pattern of losing 2 games, then winning 2 games. They managed to win this last game pretty decisively with timely hitting and great pitching. Sale gave up three runs in the first inning, but then managed 5 more scoreless innings to keep the Orioles right where they were. The Sox managed some runs of their own in the meantime and pulled away to win the game 7-3!

We got some bad news the other day. Just when it seemed that the starting pitching staff was about all set, E-Rod went on the disabled list and they are saying that he will be out for several weeks. So, we get Price back and E-Rod, who has been pitching very well for a while now, comes up lame. So, we are back to 4 good starters and one iffy position that will be filled by Johnson for now. He pitched really well in his one start, going the complete game, so we may have found someone who can fill that 5th spot. Let’s hope he can continue to pitch well as we are going to need him for a while.

Betts continues to slump, for him as his average is around .260, but Benintendi seems to be coming out of his slump as he belted two homers the other day and had some other hits as well. It will be good to see the rookie hitting again, if indeed he has made the adjustment that big league pitchers have obviously made to him, so that he can see and hit the ball once again. The next few games will tell us if he is ready to perform well again as he did the first month of the season.

Bradley has been getting some timely hits as well and it is good to see him begin to hit the ball. We will need him to be hot as we attempt to move forward this season. The result, really, has been that we are treading water again. If Betts begins to hit again and the others can continue to do their part, we may move forward yet. The next three games will tell a lot as we are taking on the first place Yankees. It is possible, if we sweep the series, for us to take possession of first place in the division, but I don’t count on it happening. There is still plenty of time to overtake them, but it would be great to see it this week.

So, let’s just keep plowing ahead and hope most of the team stays healthy for a while. If we do stay healthy we will be giving the Yankees a run for their money, you can be sure. It should be interesting to watch the rest of the season to see what develops. Let’s hope it develops well for the Sox. Anyway, Go Sox!

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