Red Sox @ White Sox Game 3 (5-31-17)

With a blowout game that saw the Sox score 13 runs on 16 hits for a 13-7 win, followed by a pitcher’s duel, the Sox managed to win two more in a row. Last night’s game saw Drew Pomeranz pitch 7 innings of 1 run 7 hit ball that gave the Sox the chance to win all by virtue of one innings work. Pomeranz pitched his second quality start in a row and it is good to see him doing so well, as is the rest of the starting pitching of late. Sandoval went 3 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored in his first game back from the DL. It is good to see him apparently determined to come back strong from his injury. Pedroia is still on the DL and will be for a while, but let’s hope he can come back once his 10 day stint is over. The Sox scored all their runs in the 6th inning, but it was enough thanks to excellent pitching from Pomeranz, Barnes and Kimbrel. The final was 4-1.

The Sox moved back to 2 games behind the Yankees in the division as the Orioles beat them to move us closer. We play the Orioles, who are now 1.5 games behind us in 3rd, next. After 4 games against the O’s, we take on the Yankees for 3. The next week should determine who is going to lead the division at least for now. We could potentially be in first once the smoke clears, but we need to play well and win against the Orioles, who have been slumping lately,  first before we worry about the Yankees. Still, it will be interesting to see how things look by next weekend.

We have now won 8 of our last 10 and are looking pretty good as things go. Let’s hope we can hold on to our current 6 games over .500 and even continue to build from here. There is every reason to be positive and feel good about the team right now and all we can do is keep watching and hope it continues. There is yet a long way to go and lots can happen, but we may be beginning to get our feet under us and perhaps do what many have expected of the team this season and that is to win the division and maybe even go far in the playoffs. We have a ways to go, but we are getting there.

So, let’s see how this next week against division rivals goes and then maybe we will be able to talk some smack about the team and our hopes for the season. If something untoward doesn’t happen, we may be on our way. Let’s just keep playing hard and watching intently and good things are going to happen. Anyway, Go Sox!

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