Red Sox @ White Sox Game 1 (5-29-17)

Well, after winning 6 straight the Sox managed to lose their second straight today. The had only 4 hits in this one and only 9 hits in the last two games. After playing 6 good games they seem to be falling back into a slump that may well see them lose as many as they won in the winning streak. Betts went 2 for 4 in this one with a double and a homer and two runs scored. Beyond that, nobody really did anything. The Sox are going to have to do better if they are going to even stay where they are, much less build on what they have accomplished so far. It was the bullpen that gave up the game in this one as Price in his 2017 debut pitched pretty well, He had one bad inning with 2 walks and a homer, but pitched well otherwise. He pitched only 5 innings and 88 pitches since he is just off the DL. If he had been at full strength we might have won the game. As it was, Barnes gave up two runs in the 7th that gave the White Sox the lead for good. The final was 5-4.

I hate to say it, but I will not be surprised to see the Red Sox continue to lose until they find themselves right back where they were at the beginning of the winning streak. I saw them do that more than once last season and they always seem to want to keep a balance losing as many games as they win. Can we say they are finally making their move when they will probably turn right around and continue the losing streak until they are back around .500 again. If they don’t play any better than they have the last two games, that is exactly what will happen.

They will have to win some more games to prove to me that they are really for real. Right now all I see is a team that can play well in spurts, but cannot maintain good play long enough to be relevant. I hope they prove me wrong, but I have my doubts seeing them play the last couple of games. Let’s hope they can get it together and play some baseball again. As I said before without an offense David Price will make no difference and today’s game proved my point. If they aren’t going to string enough hits together to win, they are not going to win, even with David Price in the rotation. We may have improved our pitching, but it is how the offense does that is going to tell the story this season. Even with great pitching you cannot win ball games with no offense. Can they get back on the winning trail? Let’s hope so.

Pedroia was injured in this one and actually that is probably what allowed the winning run for the White Sox to score since his replacement did not make a good throw to home in what should have been an easy out and Vazquez was unable to catch it, allowing the winning run to score. The runner should have been a dead duck and out by a mile, but Pedroia wasn’t in the game to make the throw. The Sox could have easily won this one if things had gone their way.

Sale is on the mound tomorrow night, so we might win one. We have proved, however, that we can lose even with him pitching lights out. No offense, no win. Let’s hope the bats get going better tomorrow night. If not, we will probably soon be back to mediocrity in the W/L column. Let’s get it together boys. Just when it looked like you were getting it together, you are falling back down into the rabbit hole. Jump out and get us the win tomorrow! Anyway, Go Sox!

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