Mariners @ Red Sox Game 1 (5-26-17)

The Sox have made it 5 wins in a row! Much of the game was played in the rain, which were conditions that I thought may give Seattle the advantage, but it didn’t show in this one. Actually it must have been hard on the hitters as there were only 14 hits total in this one, the Sox had 8 and the Mariners 6. The Sox were given two runs on a past ball and a wild pitch while they had the bases loaded in the 6th inning. They never did come up with the big hit that would have put the game away, but scored two runs anyway. The Sox walked 7 times in this one, which went a long way in securing the victory. Rutledge, who I was wondering if he would ever hit in the big leagues, went 4 for 4 with an RBI and a run scored. It has been good to see him begin to hit the ball after struggling for a lot of games. It will be a shame to see him leave the lineup once Sandoval is back from the DL as he has played well at 3rd base, which was just what the team needed. The Sox got great pitching in this one. E-Rod went 6 strong, giving up no runs on 5 hits and pitched well. The pen then came in and pitched 3 scoreless innings to secure the win. The final was 3-0.

Well, the Sox have been playing well lately and perhaps have really begun to make their run at last. They are now in second place in the division only 2 games behind the Yankees. The division is pretty tight and really, anybody could take it before it’s all over. Last place Toronto is only 6.5 games back and has been playing pretty well lately. They may move into contention for the lead before too long. If the Sox can continue their winning streak for a few more games they may find themselves in first before long as well.

It looks like the season is finally getting under way and let’s hope we can continue to play as we have for the rest of the way or at least most of the way. There will be ups and downs, I’m sure, but the team seems to have finally found it’s stride and we may be great yet, if all continues. It is good to see that the two rookies besides Benintendi are doing pretty well. We could probably move forward with them and do well, but perhaps we will be even better once Pedroia and Sandoval get going again. Pedroia has only been out the one game, but he has problems with his knee and may be up and down for a while. It is good that we have someone who can fill in and do a good job while he is out.

Price is scheduled to start on Monday and let’s hope he can do well. Our starting rotation will be looking great with him back and no matter which of the five start on any given day, we have a good chance of winning the ball game. That is a good place to be and bodes well for us moving forward. The bullpen has been doing a good job too this season and we are expected to get a couple more good arms coming off the DL soon. We should be in great shape from a pitching prospective barring any major injuries. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Well, things are looking pretty good for the Sox going forward, If we can continue to put W’s on the board most of the time we will be what everybody thinks we can be or better. It will be great to see them do well this season and though there will be ups and downs, it should be a good ride for the fan from here on out. Let’s hope so. The world is our oyster and we are about to take the pearl to the bank. Let’s Go Sox!

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