Rangers @ Red Sox Game 2 (5-24-17)

The Sox did it again! They have now won 3 in a row, which is something they have rarely done this season. They have scored 32 runs in the past 3 games and really seem to have the bats going right now. In this one they had twelve hits and scored a lot of runs but hit no homers. They are currently last in the league in home runs, but if they can get the job done without them, more power to them. Sale did not pitch one of his better games giving up 4 runs on 6 hits and only striking out 6. He fell one game short of setting the record for the most consecutive 10 strikeouts or more games. He tied the record at 8 games, something he himself has done twice. The Sox had a 7 run bottom of the 7th that gave them the victory. Everybody was getting on base via the hit or error or walk and they more than batted around that inning, having loaded and cleared the bases twice. It was a great game to watch and good to see them hitting as they did. The final was 9-4.

This may be the beginning of some winning ways for the team at last. They are now only one game out of second place in the division and could catch the Orioles soon. It seems that falling back to .500 in win/loss and actually falling into 4th place behind the Rays, may have been the wake up call they needed. Are they finally making their move? Maybe. Now would be a good time as the Orioles are struggling lately and the Yankees, now 3.5 games ahead in first, aren’t winning every game either. Now is the time! Can we do it? We shall see.

Price is getting pretty close to returning to the rotation and threw what may have been his final rehab start in Pawtucket (AAA) last night. He may be ready, I guess, by this weekend. He will be  a welcome addition to the rotation, but don’t expect miracles. The offense still needs to hit and score some runs. Looking pretty good right now. Let’s hope it continues or the addition of Price won’t make much difference.

Pomeranz is on the mound tonight and the Sox have the chance to sweep the Rangers. Texas came into this series having won 11 of their last 12, so even winning 2 out of 3, which we have already done, is good. Sweeping them would be great. We may (emphasis on may) be on our way if we can pull off the win tonight. Pomeranz should do well enough, but Texas can hit and may knock him around some. If he can pitch as well as he has been lately, we may score enough runs to win the game. If the onslaught of the last 3 games continues, we should be all set. Still, the Rangers scored 4 runs off Sale, so we don’t know what will happen to Pomeranz. Let’s hope he does well enough to get the W!

So, let’s just keep giving it your all, guys and good things are bound to continue. If we continue to hit like we have been lately, we may be in the driver’s seat and doing well ere too long. Right now we could still fall back into mediocrity pretty easily. Your destiny is in your hands, men. Let’s see if we can make it happen. We will be watching you and cheering you on for all we are worth. Let’s Go Sox!

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