Red Sox @ Athletics Game 4 (5-21-17)

Well, the Sox managed a win yesterday to prevent a 4 game sweep by the Athletics. They actually played a great game, pounding out 15 hits and scoring a lot of runs for a change. Everybody had at least one hit (including Marrero) and 4 had two or more hits in what was an offensive onslaught that we haven’t seen much from them this season. E-Rod pitched another quality start, giving up 3 runs in 8 innings. It was a game pretty much dominated by the Sox and really what we had hoped to see the entire series. It was not to be so. The final in this one was 12-3.

Many people, myself included, thought this series was the chance needed by the team to finally string some wins together and make a move toward the top of the division. Oakland had a 17-23 record coming in so with the sweep of the Cardinals, presumably the better team, I thought they may get on a roll and finally string some wins together. Instead they went on their longest losing streak (3 games) of the season and fell back to .500 in win percent, which they also hadn’t done all season. What we didn’t count on was that Oakland had a pretty good record at home, losing most of their games on the road, so they would be tough to beat at home. They proved that by beating the Sox 3 out of 4 in the series.

So, here we are at only 1 game over .500 again. Where do we go from here? It is hard to say. We play Texas in a 3 game series at Fenway starting tomorrow and they may just be our undoing. If we can hold out against them, we may be fine going forward, at least for the rest of the month. After that our schedule gets tougher, so who knows what will happen.

We have now played more than 40 games this season and are at 22-21. We are still 4 games out of first in the division and have really gained no ground in a long time. They say that by 40 games or so you can pretty much tell how the team is going to do, as they should be hitting their stride by then. Unfortunately for the Sox, it looks like it may be a long season of dancing around the .500 mark and being mediocre at best. True, even late in the season, a team can pull away from there and go on a winning streak that puts them in contention, but we have been wondering for weeks now when the winning consistently will begin. The result is to be discouraged now that they are a quarter of the way through the season and show no signs of really contending for anything yet.

It’s funny, the Sox had not lost 3 in a row until this past weekend, but neither have they won three in a row. They have been in a pattern of win one or two and then lose one or two all the way so far. Can they snap out of it and begin to win some games? Who knows. We will have to wait and see, but as I’ve said, the longer we wait the less likely it seems it will happen. The team has not hit their stride at all this season and many say they have found no real identity (whatever that means) yet since Big Papi retired. At any rate, I hope they find both soon as we want to see some winning out of this team. They excite us and look good from time to time, but overall have been pretty mediocre. Come on guys, let’s get it together soon. Anyway, Go Sox!

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