Red Sox @ Cardinals Game 2 (5-17-17)

The Sox won a long and a tough one last night completing the two game sweep of the Cardinals. The game lasted for 13 innings and saw the Sox come back from a 4 run deficit in the 7th and 8th innings to tie the score. The pitching was excellent and the offense sufficient to get the job done. It didn’t start out well as Porcello gave up 4 runs in the first two innings and then settled in and went 4 more without giving up any. The pen then proceeded to go 7 straight scoreless innings. Every pitcher was used out of the pen and Taylor got the save in the 13th after Moreland and Young combined two hits for a run in the top of the inning. It was a good effort overall and a late night but it was worth it in the end as the Sox got the victory 5-4.

The Sox are now 21-18, four games out of 1st and only 2.5 behind the Orioles for second place in the division. The Rays are still right on their heels only 2 games behind, so they need to keep on winning to keep their place and perhaps overtake the O’s. It should be interesting going forward as they have shown in the last two games that they can win the tough ones against good teams. The Sox may be finally poised to make a run at the division lead and a much better winning percentage.

They take on the Athletics for the next 4 games and should do pretty well as Oakland is only 17-23 this season. They should win at least 3 of the 4 games, but we will see what happens. If they continue to play to win as they have against the Cardinals, they may sweep the A’s too and that would be great. I will be satisfied if they can win 3 of the 4, though, because that would put them in a pretty good position going forward. They are 3 games over .500 again and that is the best they have been able to achieve since they were 10-6 in the early going. Nowhere to go but up from here!

The Sox have brought a pitcher up from the minors to try to do better than Kendrick did in his two starts. Velazquez will be making his major league debut tonight and hopefully we will see a good game out of him. We need to keep winning and to do so we need good pitching. If he can give us something close to a quality start, we should come out on top of tonight’s contest. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope all goes well.

Well, let’s just keep at it and we may see the team  we all hoped for at the beginning of the season ere too long. It is fun to watch this team as they fight and claw to win games and if they can begin to succeed a little more often, we will do fine this year. We can get back to out American league game tonight, but it was great to see the team win two games with the disadvantage of National league rules. That says a lot about the team, when they can do that!

As I said, nowhere to go but up from here. Don’t prove me wrong, guys , but continue to fight and claw and things should go pretty well the rest of the way. The Sox did manage to pitch 11 scoreless innings after giving up 4 in the first 2 last night. If they can continue to pitch at that level, we will do great. So, let’s just keep moving forward. The sky’s the limit! Anyway, Go Sox!

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