Red Sox @ Cardinals Game 1 (5-16-17)

The Sox managed to pull out a win last night. It was enjoyable to see them win one, but really the game was given to them on 3 errors, two thirds of the runs being unearned. Still they managed to get some hits with runners in scoring position and left only 12 on base, which is more than I would have thought. They had only six hits, but played a good game overall  and battled the whole way to get the win. They played error free on the field, which was good to see and Rodriquez gave us a quality start, having only one bad inning in which he gave up 3 runs. It was a victory and against a tough team. We need to keep playing as we did in this one. The final was 6-3.

E-Rod was good to watch in this one. He has been pitching well all season so far and we can only hope it will continue. So far he has been consistent, which is really the problem he had last season. He would pitch well when he did, but not all the time. So far this season he has remained consistently pitching, if not a quality start, then even better than that. He has gone six innings in just about every game this season! He is an example for the rest of the pitching staff to follow. If he can do this well, so can they. We may be just fine going forward in the pitching department, even though lately the pitching has lagged a bit. If we can keep it at the level it has been for most of the season, we can win a lot of games. Let’s just keep it up boys!.

We play the Cardinals again tonight with Porcello on the mound. If we can get a quality start out of him, we could end up sweeping them in the 2 game series. We need to win tonight so that we might finally begin to win more consistently, at least for a while. We play the Athletics next and should be able to take at least 3 of 4 from them. We will see how it goes.

I didn’t write for a while since I have been feeling pretty negative about the team of late. I wanted to wait until I had something positive to write about and beating the Cardinals, who had won 8 of their last 10, seemed like a good place to get back to it. We have just sort of been hanging around in 3rd place for a while and just above .500, so we are still in the mix and could make our move at any time. If we continue to hang around we have lots of time, as the season is only about 25% through. Still, I was becoming discouraged thinking it would never happen. Now may be the time, but if not, we will see what the future holds.

As I say, we can only move up from here (hopefully). Unless the team has a lot of injuries I can’t see us doing much worse than we have. We have already had too many injuries, but as players begin to come back we can only get better. The future still looks pretty bright and it really hasn’t dimmed much since it is still early in the season. We can only go up from here and if we can beat the Cards again tonight, we may be on our way. Time for a roll and a move to the top! Come on guys. Now is the time. Anyway, Go Sox!

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