Red Sox @ Twins Game 3 (5-7-17)

The Sox ran up the score for a second straight game yesterday. Betts went 3 for 6 and four others had two hits each for a total of 15. Moreland had 4 RBIs, as did Leon. Everybody had at least one hit except Marrero, who started his first game at 3rd. The game was tense in the bottom of the 8th when the Twins scored 2 runs to make it 7-6. Kimbrel struck out two in a row with a man on 3rd base to preserve the slim lead. Then the Sox put up 10 runs in the top of the 9th and there was no need of the closer in the 9th. Day before yesterday the team put up a season high 11 runs to win 11-1. Yesterday they topped that by scoring 10 runs in the 9th for a final of 17-6!

I hope these last two games mean the offense is finally getting the jump start it needs to do better than they have thus far. It would certainly appear to be the case. Let’s hope they can now consistently score more runs than they have been. Everybody has been hitting the ball lately, when it looked for a while as if nobody on the whole team could hit. They were all slumping at the same time, so maybe now they will all begin to hit well at the same time. If the past two games are any indication, that may be the case.

What was supposed to be one of the best pitching duels of the season between the  two best ERAs in the league didn’t turn out that way. The Sox got 6 runs off Santana and even Sale gave up 4. It was unusual for both pitchers to give up that much, but the Sox came out on top in the end. They scored 17 runs in what was supposed to be a low scoring pitcher’s duel. Go figure?

The Sox may be poised to make their run for the top of the division. Both the Yankees and the Orioles won yesterday too, so they are still 4 games out. If they can string some wins together here and really begin to play baseball as they are capable, we may be contending for the lead in the division soon. The other two teams have to lose some too, but hopefully that will happen as well. I really hope the team will continue to play at a high level as they have the last two games.

What a difference a couple of games can make. The Sox are now only 17-14, but I feel optimistic about their chances again, when I was beginning to really doubt them. We will have to see what the next few games bring, but after their thrashing of the Twins, I feel good about them once again. They could fall right back into their old habits again, but somehow I think they won’t, at least for a while. Now is when they can begin to make their run and give us a great month of May. We shall see.

So, let’s just keep moving forward and playing all out and good things may happen. We have a long way to go in the season and anything can happen. We are short one good starting pitcher but, who knows, Kendrick may do fine. We will see what we will see. Let’s just keep our heads up and continue to plow forward. The season could be ours yet! Anyway, Go Sox!

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