Red Sox @ Twins Game 2 (5-6-17)

Just as I was saying the Sox had not had a decisive victory yet this season, they go out and do just that yesterday afternoon. Everybody, except Betts had at least 1 hit in the game and in all they had 16 hits. Bogaerts, Benintendi and Leon all went 3 for 5 and Pedroia had a big 3 run double. They scored 8 runs in the 2nd all with 2 outs and actually sent 10 batters to the plate with two outs. They were unstoppable in that inning. Young, who started in place of the struggling Bradley, hit two home runs and looks good after his single to tie the game in the 9th the night before. Porcello pitched well also, giving up only 1 run 7 innings, so for now the pitching seems to be holding up as well. The final was 11-1!

So, it was almost enough to get our hopes up again. Maybe, just maybe, this team will do something this season after all. They are now 16-14, but we can only go up from here. If they hit like they did from now on we will be in good shape. If they hit only 60 percent as well and the pitching holds up! Well, we may be looking at challenging the Yankees and Orioles yet for the division. Maybe this win will finally get us on the winning trail that I have been calling for all season.

We should see a pitchers duel today as Sale is pitching against the only starting pitcher in the league that has a better ERA than he does. It would be great to see the Sox score big on him, but 3 or 4 runs might get the win today. Sale has been lights out and if the Sox can get to Santana just enough, we could win this one. Maybe yesterday was a warm up to what they may be able to do on offense today. We shall see.

I don’t want to get my hopes up too much over one game, but maybe the Sox will be able to turn the corner now. They have been struggling mightily all season, so they will have to win a few games before I get my hopes up too high, Still, yesterday’s game was good to see and they finally scored 10 runs in a game! The previous high had been 8. Can you say: keep it going boys, we love it when you dominate a game offensively as well as in the pitching department. Can we do it again? We shall see.

It’s good to see everybody on the team (almost) have a good game. Now if we can get Betts going… Today may be a different story, but  with Sale on the mound there is always hope. Let’s make it 2 in a row, win the series and continue to build from there. Keep slugging away; we love it when you do!

We are definitely not out of it yet. We are 4 games out and things can change in a hurry. Still, with the way the Yankees have been playing, we have our work cut out for us. If we can string some wins in a row we may gain on them yet. We will have to see what we see. Yesterday was an encouraging performance, though after I was almost ready to give up on them.  Shame on me, I guess. Anyway, Go Sox!

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