Red Sox @ Twins Game 1 (5-5-17)

Well the Sox lost a heart breaker last night. They battled back to tie the score in the top of the 9th only to give up a walk off homer in the bottom of the inning. They could have won this game in so many ways. They had 4 other innings with runners in scoring position and failed to score. Farrell left the starter Rodriquez in a little too long and gave up a run in the 7th that then made it 3-1. Then in the 9th their rally sputtered after only 2 runs when they could have taken the lead with a hit or two more and perhaps won the game. All in all, it was quite the frustrating game and makes me almost want to give up on them for 2017. The final was 4-3.

I suppose I should not give up on them yet, but they seem to establishing a pattern that may last the rest of the season. When they win it is not by much and they have been losing a lot lately. They are 5 and 8 over the last 13 games and seem barely able to hold their own around the .500 mark. Is this the way it is going to be this year. They seem to be falling into that pattern and it will be hard to break if they carry it on much longer.

15-14 is not the worst record in baseball, but, as I said, they are not really impressive even when they do manage to win a game. They seem poised to begin a fall into the cellar before too much longer and seem capable, at best, to stay right where they are at and not make the improvements that are needed to win. At least they had another error free game last night but still have committed more errors thus far than any other team in baseball.

That seems to sum up their season so far. The way they have been playing things could be a lot worse than they are. Pitching has kept them in the hunt, but it is bound to waver a bit at times and now seems the time it might start. If that happens they will be in the cellar ere too long. We will have to wait and see what happens.

It has been painful most of the time watching them this season. If they do win, it is by the skin of their teeth and never decisively. Can they really have a successful season squeaking by with victory and losing close games about half the time? I think not. They will have to step up their game and really need someone to lead them going forward. In the absence of Papi, there seems no one to inspire them to play good baseball. Is this how it is going to be all year? Perhaps. We will have to see what happens.

For now, as fans, let’s just try to keep our hopes up, though this is getting more difficult with each game we watch them play. Will they ever break out and learn to be truly successful. This team may not. It may be a long, painful struggle watching them come up empty so often from an offensive side. I don’t know this, but it seems they must have one of the lowest batting averages in the league with runners in scoring position. We have seen them fail time after time at it. We have to improve on getting the needed hits. There is time yet, so we shall see. Maybe, as the say, it will come. But it has been awful so far.

Anyway, let’s just keep watching and maybe something will give. We can only hope that the future of the season will be better than what we have seen so far. Let’s go team, get it together and win a few games without turning right around and losing them all right back again. Maybe we are destined to be a .500 team this year. It would seem so thus far, but things can change. Let’s hope they will. Anyway, Go Sox!


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