Orioles @ Red Sox Game 4 (5-4-17)

Well, the Sox just got beat in this one. The combination of poor pitching by 2017 team standards and no offense led to them being soundly beaten by the O’s. There was no sign of the back and forth animosity that has characterized games between the two of late, unless you count fans still booing Machado, so that is a good thing. Maybe they can finally put that thing to rest. The Sox started out as if they were going to play a good winning game as they led 3-1 after 3. But in the 4th Kendrick fell apart and allowed 5 runs. Taylor then came in the game in the 5th and allowed 2 more runs. So, it was a matter of using pitchers that we haven’t used much so far this year and they did not get the job done. The final was 8-3.

Unfortunately, Wright has now come down with an injury to his knee that requires season ending surgery, so until Price is able to go we will be hurting in one spot in the rotation. If last night was any indication, Kendrick will not be able to fill the void left by Wright, even though the managers of the Red Sox think he is capable, he did not show it last night. Time will tell  if he is able to bounce back and do better the next time around. It appears, though, that we are indeed hurting in the 5th spot in the rotation, which is  a problem we have had much in past years, but not so much so far this season. I guess we can survive it again, but may lose every 5th game for a while.

It has been the pitching that has kept us in most every game so far this season. If we have a hole in the rotation that will yield 6 or 8 runs each time out, we are consequently probably going to lose each of those games. We rarely score more than 4 or 5 runs in a game at most and indeed average somewhere around 4 runs per game, so we will almost always lose if the other team scores more than that.

Well, we are still only 2 games over .500 and gained nothing in our series with the Orioles since we split it 2 to 2. We are going to have to start stringing some wins together if we are going to get anywhere this season. I know I keep saying that, but I am anxiously waiting for it to happen. If we don’t, it is going to be a mediocre season at best, which is the result so far. Come on guys, start hitting the ball and scoring some runs. We are for the most part sadly lacking in offense and it has to improve or we will go nowhere.

We take on the Twins and the Brewers in the next two series and let’s hope we do fairly well against them both. This next 6 games could get us on the road to improved performance or they could be just more of the same. If we can win 4 out of the next 6 games it will be a start. If we don ‘t, well, I for one am getting impatient and if they don’t do well in the next 6 games I may begin to talk about how it will be a down season. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Let’s try to keep hope alive, though the longer we wait for them to start playing well the harder this gets. Give them about another 20 games and then we will be able to see what they might do this season. If they haven’t begun to play well by then, it will be a long and painful season. If they can get it together and begin winning by then, we may have a good one yet. I will give them, or at least try to give them, that long anyway.

For now, let’s just keep plodding along and hope for the best. They need to improve in offense and defense both to produce the type of season we fans want. Will it happen? We must wait and see; perhaps it will happen yet. Anyway, Go Sox!

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