Cubs @ Red Sox Game 1 (4-28-17)

Well, the Sox woke up with the bats for at least one game last night. They pounded out 13 hits with everybody getting at least one and 4 of them had 2 hits each! They busted right out of the box with 5 runs on 6 hits in the first inning, but that was all they would get. They continued to struggle after that with runners in scoring position and ended up leaving 17 on base. In the 4th, 5th and 6th innings they had runners in scoring position with one out and hit into double plays to end the inning. In the 4th they had the bases loaded with nobody out and failed to score. Still, their pitching held up and what began as  a 5-1 lead after one, ended as a 5-4 victory.

So it goes in the books as a win. That is how, I am afraid they will have to win most of their games this season: by the skin of their teeth. They continue to get the pitching they need, so if the offense can do fairly well scoring runs, as they did in this one, they can win ball games. If the pitching goes south we will be in real trouble. We seem to be skating on the edge of a precipice right now but hopefully things will improve and we will play better ball as the long season progresses.

The Orioles lost to the Yankees, so we are now just 2.5 games behind them and New York both for the division lead. If the bats continue to warm up and we get some more of those RBI hits that have been lacking, we should be in good shape going forward. Last night’s game was encouraging, but we can only hope it wasn’t just a blip on the radar screen, but that we will build from here and have some offense after all.

We are last in home runs so far and near the bottom in runs scored. I can’t praise the pitching too much. It is great to see them doing well and keeping us in nearly every game. There have been a couple of exceptions, but overall we have won with good pitching. If it continues and the offense can continue to warm up from here, things will be well in Red Sox Nation.

Wright is on the mound tonight and he is the only starter that has been shaky so far. He has had one good game and if he can do it again we may win this one. Last season he was one of our best pitchers, but so far has had a tough start. He has had trouble getting the knuckle ball to do what he wants consistently. If he can get it together tonight, we will be almost unbeatable from a pitching prospective. We so far have one of the best team ERA’s in the league, even though Wright’s is 8.66. If he can get it together we will be in great shape going forward!

Last night’s game was a great game to watch and we came out on top. If we can see more of the same we will be happy. Let’s just keep banging away at the ball and move forward from here. There is nowhere to go but up. We must not look down or anticipate the worst. Let’s just keep going up! Anyway, Go Sox!


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