Yankees @ Red Sox Game 2 (4-27-17)

When will this offensive ice-age end for the Sox? They managed only 3 hits all night and were held scoreless again. Even with Chris Sale pitching they cannot win that way. Ramirez went 2-3 (both singles) but the only other hit was a Bogaerts single. Sale pitched a great game but was perhaps left in too long as he gave up two singles and a double in the 9th without recording an out before finally being taken out. Farrell may have left him in due to criticism about his last start when he was taken out in the 9th and Kimbrel then proceeded to give up a homer that tied the game and sent them into overtime. In all he was charged with 3 runs, but he pitched much better than that, striking out 10. The game was another loss due to no offense. They have now lost 4 out of the last 5 and are a dismal 11-10. the final was 3-0.

Let’s hope they can snap out of their funk, but sometimes these ice-ages last a long time. They have now been shutout 3 times this season, all in the last 7 games. As I’ve said, somebody needs to get hot to lead them out of this funk. If someone does, I think the rest of the team will respond by hitting better as well. They are not in too bad shape yet. The Cubs, who they play tonight, are only 1 game better at 12-9. Theoretically, we have a good chance of beating them, but we have to wake up from our slumber to do that. It remains to be seen.

We are only 3.5 games out of first in the division, but at this point in the season it could get much worse or it could get better. It all depends on the hitting as the pitching has been good enough to win a lot of games. They have not been good at driving runners in that are in scoring position all season so far, but they need to at least improve in that category if they are going to hit less and thus  have fewer opportunities to score. We will see how they do tonight.

Pomeranz is on the mound and he looked pretty good in his last start. If he can continue to pitch well we may pull out a win. It would be great if we could win the series as well, but let’s concentrate on tonight’s game and go for the win first, before we worry about the next two. It all depends on how well they can hit Arrieta and he is 3-0, but with a 3.56 era. If the bats come out tonight we may win this one.

So, we just need to keep our heads in the game and keep plodding along. Hopefully this cold streak will be over soon and we can get back to winning. Let’s just keep pulling for those Sox through the bad times and enjoy the good times when they come again. What else can we do? Anyway, Go Sox!

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