Yankees @ Red Sox Game 1 (4-26-17)

Not much to say about this game. The Sox offense is cold as ice.  They managed only 4 hits and 1 run (in the bottom of the 9th) in this one and continue to struggle mightily at the plate. It’s hard to watch a team when it seems that every player is in a slump and hits, not to mention runs, seem hard to come by. The pitching continues to be good enough as Porcello, although not at his best had a pretty good game, giving up only 3 runs in 6.2 innings of work. It was a quality start, but not enough for an offense that is slumping like the Sox have been for half a dozen games or so. What will it take to snap them out of it? Hard to tell, but there goes another one. The final was 3-1.

How long can the pitching continue to hold up without getting wins on the board like they should be getting? The problem may be that once we start hitting a little bit, the pitching may go into a rough patch and we will continue to lose. The Sox have been hard luck so far this season and it may be a long year if things don’t improve soon. They are now 11-9 and looking mediocre at best. If they can’t break out of their slump, well, there’s always next year.

It’s way too soon to give up yet. We still have a long way to go and who knows the offense may begin to assert itself yet. I never thought they looked too great at any time so far this year, but the way they are hitting now they couldn’t beat anybody. Maybe tonight is the night they will finally break out and show us some offense. Pedroia will possibly be back in the lineup tonight, so he may provide the spark they need to get the ball rolling. They need someone to step forward and lead them this season with Papi gone, but so far no one has.

If Betts could get hot it may inspire the others to play better. So far we have only seen mediocre hitting all season, so we need someone to get things rolling. Maybe Bradley could warm up and give the team a lift. Ramirez just seems to come along for the ride, but if he could get hot it would help things immensely. He has hit only one homer and has a batting average around .200. Somebody, please get rolling and lead this offense. It is what is so sorely lacking and if someone pulls them out of the current slump it could be just what they need to carry them through the rest of the season. I hope it will happen. We shall see.

Meanwhile, the pitching is fine even without Price. Sale goes against Tanaka tonight so we may stand a good chance of winning. Tanaka hasn’t been too sharp for the Yankees so far this season and Sale has been lights out. If the Sox are going to get things going with the bat it may well be against Tanaka. If not, we may still win in a low scoring affair. We shall see. As fans we just need to keep our heads up and hope things will turn around soon, before it gets really bad. Maybe it will be tonight! Let’s hope so! Anyway, Go Sox!

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