Red Sox @ Orioles Game 3 (4-23-17)

Well, the Sox haven’t been playing that well lately. The offense was shutout 2 of the last 3 games after game 1 against the Orioles. It seemed the offense was definitely slumping as the Sox were unable score for about a four game stretch. They may have snapped out of it a bit yesterday, scoring 6 runs on 3 home runs. They hadn’t hit 3 homers in a game yet this season, so that may be an encouraging sign. Still, they ended up losing 2 of  3 to the Orioles for the second time already in the young season. They scored most of their runs in the 1st inning (4), but didn’t do a whole lot the rest of the game. It is a win, however and as I have said all along, if they are going to win this season it will not be with big offensive numbers, but with some hits and some runs here and there. The final was 6-2.

The pitching has been great for the Sox all season and that is continuing for now. They gave up only 8 runs to the Orioles in 3 games, but unfortunately, they only scored 8 as well, so they came out on the losing side overall. Still, if we can continue to see the pitching we have so far for the rest of the season, the offense is sure to respond and win us some games. I am really excited about the pitching and think we have not seen the best of the offense yet. I think they can do better with the bat and that we will see a good team, ready to compete in the playoffs once the time comes. Will it be a great team? Probably not, but even good teams can go all the way some years.

All teams, have their down swings with the bat , when it seems that every hitter on the team is slumping at the same time. The Sox are going through that recently. Let’s just hope that yesterday’s 3 homer performance can snap them out of their  funk and get the ball rolling again. It is frustrating as a fan to see the team go through a slump, but we can only hope it will be short in duration and enjoy the good times when they are here.

We are now 11-8 for the year. While not great, we are not in too bad shape going forward. We can still string some wins together and get on top of the league in a couple of weeks or so. Baltimore and New York are playing good baseball of late, but if we can turn it around in the next week or so (we play them both for a 3 and a 4 game series), we will look pretty good for this point of the season.

If we can win the series against both of them, I will say we are doing just great and what we need to do to get ahead of them in the division in the long run. We are not off to the great start we had last year, but we are not off to a horrible start either and can move forward from here. If we can just get it together offensively, we will do just fine. That remains to be seen. Anyway, Go Sox!

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