Red Sox @ Blue Jays Game 2 (4-19-17)

The first two games with the Blue Jays have ended in a split. The first game saw the offense come alive with 8 runs and timely hits for a change. Game 2 saw them return to the same pattern of leaving guys in scoring position without getting them in. Porcello pitched a great game allowing only 6 hits but 3 unearned runs gave him the loss. The Sox only managed 6 hits themselves and left 13 on  base, which would not have been that bad had they had more opportunities to score. They did not take advantage of the chances they did have and the game ended in a miserable loss 3-0.

Sandoval was the only bright spot as he went 2 for 3 and continues to look as if he is getting hot. It would be good to see him continue to hit for a while and continue to raise his batting average, which is up to .224 now. If the rest of the team would be more consistent, we may have a winning combination yet. Overall, the offense forgot to show up for this one again.

They had men on second base 3 of the later 4 innings but failed to score. Twice they had only one out with first and second runners and hit into a double play both times. I guess it can all go bad for a game once in a while, but let’s hope they can bounce back and give the Blue Jays the thrashing they deserve. If we can win 3 out of the next 5 and go to 12-8, it will be a pretty good start to the season.

Right now we are 9-6 and holding our own. If we can keep from losing back the games we got ahead in the 4 game winning streak, we may be fine. We need to continue to win, but it doesn’t get any easier after the Jays. We take on Baltimore and New York next, before rounding out the month against the Cubs. We have a tough schedule for the rest of the month. We can only hope we come out of it looking good in the W-L column.

We should have a good chance of winning this afternoon if we can get the bats going just a little. Sale is on the mound and he has been pitching well. Let’s hope we can get him his second win today. He has an ERA of 1.25 so far and deserves to be on the winning side. If we can continue to get such a high level of performance from him, I think the rest of the pitching staff will continue to respond in a positive way. The pitching has not been the cause of many loses. Most of them have been when the offense forgets to show up.

Well, we will have to see how it goes from here. So far we are looking pretty good. If we can win the next 3 or 4, we will be doing great. Right now we are in 3rd in the division, a game behind Baltimore and New York. If we can win the series against both of them coming up, we may find ourselves leading the division. We will see how it goes from here. We need to just keep plodding along. Anyway, Go Sox!

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