Rays @ Red Sox Game 4 (4-17-17)

Over the weekend and today the Sox managed to win 3 close games with good pitching after being blown blown out on Friday. Today’s game looked to be another bad outing for Wright as he gave up two in the first and did not look sharp. However, he managed to settle down and looked good the rest of the way, which is an encouraging sign for him. He ended up going 6 plus and giving up 3, which is a quality start that he so badly needed to get back on track. The game hinged on the 2nd inning when it looked like a routine ground ball would get the Rays out of the inning with the 2-1 lead. An error on Miller, the 2nd baseman allowed the inning to continue and the Sox would score 3 times before the final out was recorded. That was all they needed as the only other run came in the 7th, when Taylor came in with a bases loaded two out situation and gave up a base hit that allowed the 3rd run charged to Wright to score. All in all, the bullpen did a great job, as did Wright and they pulled out the win 4-3. 

As I have said all along, the Sox will need to win some close games with good pitching as they cannot depend on the offense like they could last season. They proved my point today as that is exactly what they got and what allowed them to notch this one in the win column. Actually, the last 3 games have seen good pitching as they won 2-1 under Sale on Saturday and 7-5 yesterday. Kimbrel has closed out 3 in row and done a great job as the closer so far. Things are looking pretty good as we go to Toronto next for a 3 game series.

Johnson has been called up from the minors to pitch tomorrow, as E-Rod, who was scheduled to pitch, has gone home since his wife is having a baby. We don’t really know what to expect out of Johnson, so it should be interesting watching him tomorrow night. He will be facing off with Stroman, who is one  of their best pitchers, so he needs to pitch well. Still, the Blue Jays have started the season 2-10, so we will either have an easy time or an especially tough time as they are hungry for a win.

So, the Sox are 8-5, which is just fine. We took 3 out of 4 from the Rays, after losing 3 out of 4 to the Tigers. We are in good shape moving forward, but I would surely like to see more consistency out of the offense. Coming into today, they had the best team batting average in the AL, but have trouble getting the big hits to drive in runs when they need them. Today they left 11 on base, which is one of the best numbers they have had lately. Most games they leave a large number on base and need to improve in this area going forward. I think they will.

If we can get the offense going we will be tough for anybody to beat as the pitching has been stellar for the most part so far. We need the offense to be able to pick up the pitching when it suffers and so far we haven’t really seen that. In 13 games the Sox have yet to score 10 in a contest. As I said, I believe it will pick up and from time to time the offense has done well, just not great like we were led to believe they would be and as we were used to seeing last season. There is plenty of time yet for them to get going!

As I always say, we just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. If we continue to pitch as we have, good things are bound to happen. I will take 8-5 this early on and we can hope to build from here. Things are looking pretty good overall. Let’s hope it continues. Anyway, Go Sox!

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