Rays @ Red Sox Game 1 (4-14-17)

The pitching let us down again, which has happened 2 out of the last 3 games. Porcello had one of the poorest performances of his career, giving up 8 run on 8 hits (4 homers) in just 4.1 innings. It is the least number of innings that he has pitched in several years! Perhaps we should be a little worried about him as he has not pitched as well as last season yet in his 3 starts. He has an era of 7.56 and if he doesn’t rebound and pitch extremely well, will never match his numbers from last season. Sometimes bad pitching is contagious. Let’s hope the rest of the team doesn’t catch this bug as in 8 of the 10 games so far the pitching has been pretty good. Still, 2 out of the last 3 were so poor. Let’s hope we can bounce back with Sale pitching today and get back on the road to good starting pitching. We lost this one 10-5 and were never really in the game after  going down 6-0 in the 3rd inning.

Well, we are 5-5 and there is not too much cause for worry, yet. Actually, Betts (4-5, 1 RBI) and Bogaerts (3-4, 1 RBI)  had great games and Ramirez drove in 2 more. If the rest of the team can get going we will have the offense we need to win most games. It just seems we are picking up where we left off last season since then we were only a few games over .500 from June on. Most of that time we played .500 ball. We will have to see how it goes.

If this team is ever to get off the ground we will need great pitching, so Porcello and Wright are going to have to do better. We won’t score more than 5 or 6 runs per game, so the pitchers are going to have to keep it under that. Can they do that? It remains to be seen but lately it seems in doubt.

We should see a good game this afternoon with Sale on the mound, His era is 1.23 so far and if we get more of the same, perhaps we can win this one. Odorizzi is  pitching for the Rays and sometimes we can hit him, other times not, so we have to see what happens. If we score our average amount of runs (4 or 5) we should be alright in this one. We need to do our best to win the series against the Rays, as we have already lost one 4 gamer. We need to at least split, but winning the next 3 games would go a long way toward getting us on the right road.

So, let’s just shake this one off and move forward (if we can). We are not so far getting off to the great start we did last season, but we are not doing too badly yet, either. Let’s hope we can get it together and start winning more than we lose. We need to do that if we are going to contend for the division championship as so many seemed to think we will. That remains to be seen too, but all we can do now is keep pushing. Something good is bound to happen if we do. Anyway, Go Sox!

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