Pirates @ Red Sox Game 3 (4-13-17)

The Sox won a good one yesterday. They waited until the 8th inning to score and going into the bottom half they trailed 3-1. They then proceeded to load the bases with one out and a big 2 run triple tied the game. Unfortunately Betts was tagged out on his foot at home plate due to a base running gaff by Benintendi, but the Sox weren’t done. Bogaerts then came through with a single to bring in Ramirez and the Sox took the lead for good. We got good pitching again all the way around, as Rodriquez held them to 3 runs (2 earned) and the pen pitched well again to keep them there the rest of the way. It was an exciting game and a pleasant surprise to see the Sox come back in the 8th and win again. The final was 4-3.

In just 9 games the Sox have won the game twice in the 8th and came from behind, took the lead but then lost in the 9th one time. Last season they had trouble coming back late in games, but this year so far they have made it exciting by doing just that. I don’t know why they have such trouble scoring earlier in the game, but at least they don’t give up and keep on fighting until the final out.

Vazquez was almost the goat in this one as he allowed the 3rd Pirate run to score on an error trying to throw out a runner stealing 3rd. He threw it out to left field and the run scored. He made up for it, however, as he threw out a would be base stealer at second for the second out in the top of the 9th. Sox catchers are a perfect 9 for 9 in throwing out base stealers at second so far. Both Leon and Vazquez have great arms. It will be hard to steal on them all season.

The big hits in the game were,as mentioned, Ramirez’ big triple and Bogaerts RBI single. The rest of the way there was no offense to speak of as the team only managed 7 hits total and left only 11 on base. The LOB stat looks better than it has been because they weren’t hitting at all. They did, however, take advantage of scoring opportunities when they did arise in the 8th. I guess that is all that we can ask in a win.

So, the Sox go to 5-4 and take on the Rays, who are also 5-4, for 4 games next. Porcello will be on the mound tonight so we should stand a good chance of winning. The offense may continue to struggle against Tampa since they are known for having good pitching and this year is no exception. If our pitching can hold up and continue to do as well as they have so far (excepting Wright), we should be in good shape coming out of this series.

Yesterday’s win was in the style we may have to win a lot of games this season. We will not score runs like we did last year, so there is going to be many close games. If our pitching holds up, we should be able to win a lot of those close ones this year. Good pitching is so essential. So far so good. We can only hope it continues.

So, we just need to keep plugging away. Almost every day there is a good game on tap for us this season and every night we can get ready for the next day. At least for a while as they are playing 30 days out of 31 the rest of this month and into the next. We just need to keep our heads down and keep moving forward. Anyway, Go Sox!

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