Orioles @ Red Sox Game 2 (4-12-17)

There isn’t much you can say about the game last night. Wright came in and didn’t have his knuckle ball working so the Orioles were treated to fat pitch after fat pitch for 1.1 innings and scored 8 runs with 5 homers. It was like he was lobbing pitches up there for hitters to hit since he couldn’t get the needed movement on his pitches. The Orioles took advantage for sure. The game wasn’t a total loss since the Sox would have won the game without Wright’s contribution 5-4. There was some offense in this one, so we can’t really be discouraged. The Sox tried to battle back after going down 9-0 in the 3rd  by making it 9-5 after 5, but the wind was taken out of their sails in the 6th when they gave up 3 more runs. The final was 12-5.

Offensively the Sox managed 11 hits but left 26 on base again, which is a number they have to improve on. Most notable were Bogaerts, who went 3 for 5 with 2 RBIs and Ramirez, who went 2 for 4 with a run scored. Sandoval also hit his 2nd homer, a 2 run shot as he went 1 for 5. It was good to see Bogey and Hanley get things going a bit. Now if Betts can get rolling, we should be in good shape going forward.

Should we worry about Wright for the season. He has yet to get things going with his knuckle ball, but hopefully he will by his next start. As I have said, we need him to pitch well again this season. We can only hope that last night was just a fluke. It was his worst performance as a Red Sox, perhaps the worst of his career, but if he can bounce back we should be fine. It is hard to think that merely sliding back into 2nd base, which is how he was injured last season, can still affect him now, but if his shoulder is not right still, I guess that may be his problem. Let’s hope things will be well with him soon.

We play that make-up game with the Pirates today and E-Rod (Rodriquez) is on the mound. We can’t be too sure what to expect from him, but if he has a good game we may get back over .500 again with a win. Actually, a 4-4 start to the season, while not great, is not that bad and if we can start to win from here we will be fine. With the flu and the injuries we have had so far and so early, we are not in bad shape just yet.

So, let’s just keep the nose to the grind and keep moving forward. If we can win today we will have swept the Pirates at home in our first series of the season. Surely we can build on that. Let’s just hope we do not continue in the pattern of most of last season, since from June on we were very few games over .500. We took our position early and just stayed there then. Let’s hope we can do better than .500 baseball going forward. We have a long way to go. We need to just keep at it and we will get rolling somewhere along the way. Anyway, Go Sox!


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