Red Sox @ Tigers Game 4

The Sox lost a tough one yesterday. That means they lost 3 out of 4 to Detroit and lost their first series of the season already. They had played 20 or 25 games last season before they lost their first series, so I think it is safe to say they are not getting off to the fast start they did then. If you like pitching, you would have loved yesterday’s game as both sides shut down the respective offenses for most of the game and pitched well. Sale seemed to run out of gas in the 8th and gave up the fatal run with two singles and a walk. He had only given up 3 hits to that point but was perhaps left in a little too long. They say you can’t take out an ace pitcher with two outs and two on in the 8th, so I guess I understand why Farrell left him in. Still, he was showing definite signs of being done in. So, the Sox lost this one 2-1.

For two out of the last three games they have shown signs of a struggling offense. True they were facing a great pitcher in Verlander, but a better offense would have scored more as he was not even pitching his best game. Their one big scoring chance came in the second as they had the bases loaded with nobody out. Holt, who did not have his best game, then proceeded to ground into a double play and one run was all they would get.

The Tigers managed a home run on their first hit of the contest in the 6th to tie the score 1-1. It seemed in the pitching duel that the advantage was for Boston, as they got Verlander out of the game after 7 and Sale seemed to be pitching a better game than he. The bullpen had been pretty poor for the Tigers in the series, so I thought once they got into it the Sox may win the ball game. Unfortunately, they were unable to score against the pen as well and Sale gave up the fatal run in the 8th and it was all over.

I am really concerned that the offense is going to be the problem all season. If they don’t get their act together and start hitting soon we may be in for a long, tough season. Their record drops to 3-3, an inauspicious start to say the least. For most of the rest of the month they play division rivals and we will soon see if they can be expected to contend for the division title or not. If they can’t hit better and drive runs in better than they have so far we will be hurting come May.

They will have to score some runs tonight as Drew Pomeranz is on the hill and he is bound to give up some runs. I will be pleasantly surprised if he does not give up 4 or 5 at least. Thus, the Sox are going to have to do better than they have so far offensively. They need leadership which they are not getting, it would appear. They need someone to inspire them to play well now that Papi is gone. It would appear that no one has stepped forward to fill that void as of yet.

So, here we fans sit, waiting for the Sox to begin to play baseball for the 2017 season. The pitching and the defense has been adequate for the most part but they had better start hitting soon or it will be all over. That the offense has been depleted lately is just an excuse. The ones that have been playing can do better than they have done as well. With the offense at full strength, will they really do much better? Not without everybody doing their part. If we win this year it will have to be a full team effort, so we need everybody playing up to their potential.

Where will the leadership needed come from? I don’t really know and fear that it may never materialize. We are definitely getting out of the gate slowly, let’s just hope we can get going and charge back to where we belong near the front of the pack. We need to play better. It’s that simple. We can, but will we? It remains to be seen. Anyway, Go Sox!

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