Red Sox @ Tigers Game 3

Well, the Sox pulled out a win, but I was not too overly impressed with their performance. They were almost given a gift in this game as a combination of Tiger errors and miscues pretty much gave them the game. The offense still did not perform very well though they managed 11 hits and 7 runs. The pitching was less than stellar as Porcello did not have a good game, giving up 4 runs on 11 hits in his 6 innings of work. Still, it goes in the W column and we can hopefully move forward from here. The final was 7-5.

Kimbrel came on to close out the 9th and looked he was going to blow a three run save as he walked the first two batters in 9 pitches and couldn’t find the strike zone at first. He then somehow found the zone and gave up a single and only one run as he got the outs needed to get the save. Should we be worried about the pitching? This year I think we will lose most games that we give up 5 runs in because the offense isn’t going to be scoring a bunch of runs like last season.

We will need better pitching than we got in this one to win most of the time. I think that Porcello will get it together as we move forward and have better games. Even the best do not always have a great game. Let’s hope yesterday wasn’t an example of what we will see from him all year. You never know for sure, even coming off a Cy Young award season, how a pitcher is going to perform. I think and I hope he will get it together going forward.

Today we have Sale taking the mound. He will have to pitch well as he is opposing Verlander so there probably won’t be a whole lot of offense. I think we are getting Bogaerts back in the lineup today, so that may help some. Betts was in the game yesterday and probably not up to full strength after the flu. He did walk twice and scored a run, so he was able to contribute. Bogaerts is coming off bereavement leave, so he should be up to full strength. Still, facing a tough pitcher, they may not be many runs scored unless they can get him out of the game early and pound the bullpen, which doesn’t seem to be too strong for the Tigers.

Today’s game may come down to the bullpens and we need to be ready to pounce on theirs and pitch decent from ours, so that we can split the series with Detroit. We don’t want to lose a series already, especially a four gamer. We need to win this one today. We shall see what we shall see.

Leon has been having a great start to the season. He is batting .438 and seems to be the only one regularly getting the timely hits. Moreland has come alive the last couple of games also and Pedroia has gotten at least one hit in each of the 5 games so far. If the rest of the offense can begin to show some signs of life, we may be alright yet. So far we seem to be getting off to a slow start. We are in 3rd in the division and play some division games coming up against all four rivals, so we will see how things shape up soon,at least in the early going.

So we just need to shake out the doldrums and shake off the flu which seems to have effected nearly everybody on the team including Farrell, and get things rolling. We have a long way to go, but it is time to begin the process and move it along. We may have a good start yet, but have had a little trouble getting out of the gate. Still 3-2 is okay. We need a win today. Time to get the ball rolling, boys. Let’s have a good one today. Anyway, Go Sox!

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