Red Sox @ Tigers Game 2

Well, there isn’t much you can say about today’s game except the offense forgot to show up for the game. The Sox had probably the most scoring chances of all four games this season today, but managed only one run. I have seen more squanders in some games, but this has to rank up there with one of the worst in that category. Almost every inning they had chances, but failed. E-Rod (Rodriquez) did what we saw him do a lot last season. He pitched 4 strong innings and then ran out of gas blowing the whole game in one inning. The final was 4-1 Tigers.

One bright spot was that the bullpen (2 different pitchers) managed two scoreless innings so there is perhaps some hope for them. By then it was too late as the Sox made their poorest offensive showing so far. Let’s hope they can get their act together and start driving in runs or it is going to be a long season.

One thing we can say is that 3 of the Sox big hitters (Ramirez, Betts and Bogaerts) were out for the game. As we see them come back into the lineup, let’s hope things will improve on the offensive side. Pitching has been adequate. It is the offense that is failing so far this season. Yesterday’s game was an exception as far as pitching goes. It is hard to win when giving up 6 runs in the game, but the other 3 games were winnable (ha ha, two of them were won) so the pitching has been adequate so far.

The story of the season so far is that the Sox have been unable to fully man the field. The flu bug has hit the team hard with at least 4 players out with it and even Farrell not feeling well today. Two more players were gone on bereavement leave with two more injured. If we ever get up to full strength, maybe we can get the ball rolling on a decent season.

For now we are 2-2, having lost two in a row after winning the first two. We have nowhere but up to go from here, but if we can stay around 50-50 until we get the full team back, we can still get going from there. We may not get off to the fast start we are all hoping for, but there is a long way to go and nothing can really be determined yet. We had better play better than we did today, however.

I think the pitching will improve and we should see a couple of good starts next with Porcello and Sale taking the mound in the next two games. When we get Price back, which hopefully will be by early May, we will have a one-two-three punch at the top of the rotation. The rest may be an adventure, but we will see how things go. We need Wright to have another good season and if he does, we should be in plenty good shape going forward. The pen will hopefully be adequate and can close out some games. That remains to be seen, also.

So, we need to just shake this one off and move forward. The offense won’t be what it was last season, but with good pitching there is hope for the Red Sox. All we can do is keep plugging away giving 100% and there should be a good outcome. Let’s go get the Tigers in the next two games and at least tie the series! Anyway, Go Sox!

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