Pirates @ Red Sox Game 2

The Sox managed to pull out a win last night after twelve laborious innings that saw the offense struggle some. Thanks to great pitching and some great defensive plays they managed to keep the Pirates off the scoreboard that long until finally a timely hit gave them the win. Sandy Leon was the hero as he managed a 3 run homer over the green monster that gave them the win finally.

Actually, Leon had a great game from the plate with 3 hits, a double and the game ending homer. Bradley managed two hits as well, but that was about all of the offense. They had several chances to get on the board during the course of the game, but couldn’t come through when it counted. Leon was thrown out at home; they had a first and third with nobody out and failed to score and even had the bases loaded and two outs that failed to produce a run.

Finally, Leon came through in the 12th to give them the win we all needed to keep faith in a team that I knew would struggle at times offensively. Still with great pitching, anchored by Sales’ 7 scoreless innings and great defensive plays by Bogaerts, Pedroia and Bradley, they managed to win this one.

Betts was out with the flu, as was Holt, so their offense was depleted a bit. I guess it goes to show that they will really need all of their offensive weapons to get the job done at times this season. Betts just may be the spark plug they need to produce on offense and he was absent last night. Somebody needs to step forward and lead the charge. It will probably be Pedroia and Betts that lead the charge going forward.

Still, it was Bradley and Leon that came through last night. We all know from last season that they can and will get the job done at times. All in all, it was a pretty good game and we hope that the offense can bounce back and get more timely hits so that we can continue on the winning trail. Most games will not be 0-0 going into the bottom of the 12th, so we need more runs often and early to keep winning.

It was great to see the pitching do so well against what may prove to be a pretty potent offense for the Pirates this season. The Pirates managed only 4 hits in 12 innings and never really threatened to score at all, with I think only one base runner on second the whole game. The rest never made it past first base. Still, they could easily have won the game with just one big hit. Instead it was the Red Sox who finally managed the one big hit, which might be considered more likely since the game was played at Fenway Park.

If you like pitching duels, you would have enjoyed the game last night. It is a great encouragement to see the pitching do so well. We may win a lot of games that way. Still, one would have liked to have seen the offense get at least one run somewhere before the bottom of the 12th. Still, it was a great walk off win and an exciting enough game to watch. One might tend to get bored with no offense for so long, but actually it was pretty exciting with great defensive plays and finally the big homer at the end.

Well, we are 2-0, so we’ve started well. Though we struggled in this one we managed the win in the end. Let’s hope we can continue the winning ways. Let’s just keep toeing the line boys and it can turn into a great season yet. We have all of it out in front of us so just grab the golden ring and keep moving forward. It could be more than we hoped for yet. Anyway, Go Sox!

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