Midway Spring Training

Well, it is a little over halfway through the Grapefruit league season and the sox are 9-11, not that it means anything. Things are going pretty well overall as the regulars get ready for the season without expending too much effort and the minor leaguers play with more effort, but without too much hope of making the starting roster. I, along with most of the fans, are ready for the season to start, but I am not sure all the players are.

The pitchers especially need more time to get ready as most of the starters and bullpen regulars have only been in the last 10 games or so. I’m sure many of the position players might say they are ready for the season to begin, but I’m not sure they are either. If the last few games are any indication of how they are going to play during the season we are in for a long and hard season indeed.

They actually have been playing more and doing less, but rarely has there been anything like the line-up we are going to have during the season. The few times it has been close, they actually did pretty well, so there is probably no cause for concern. They seem now just to be drifting through the midway portion of training and getting ready for the final sprint to the end.

We will see the beginning on April 3rd and I hope all is ready by then. The only problem we have really is that David Price will start the season on the DL. He is expected to be back on the roster by the end of April and we are all hoping it will be sooner than that. We got good news a week or so ago that his injury is not too serious, but will require him to rest so that he may recover from soreness and inflammation around his pitching elbow. We all hope he will be back soon.

Other than Price, all systems are go for the start of the season in 2 weeks. We will surely miss Big Papi in the line-up this year and I’m sure that we won’t score as many runs as last season, but with better pitching in the form of Chris Sale and others, we should win about as many games or more. We should be fine, with pitching making up the difference in runs scored. We scored more that 100 runs more than any other team in baseball last season, so we won’t do that again, but hopefully we will be fine.

So, let’s just count down the days till opening day gets here and we will see then what happens. I will be able to watch most of the games this year at least while I am home, so it should be a better experience for me. I don’t know if it will help the blog experience or not, but it might even improve my writing on the subject. I am hoping to post a write-up for every game or at least every series once the season starts. So, soon we will get started and let’s hope 2017 is a great year and even better than last. We can only wait and see for now. Anyway, Go Sox!

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